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a weekly commentary
by Thomas F. Coleman, Esq.

Viewpoint for Unmarried America
  Column One was a weekly commentary by Thomas F. Coleman published for two years by Unmarried America.  Coleman is an attorney with 34 years experience dealing with the legal, political, economic, and social aspects of singles' rights, family diversity, domestic partner benefits, and marital status discrimination. His column focused on some of the overlooked and unmet needs of 106 million unmarried employees, consumers, taxpayers, and voters -- who head up a majority of households in 26 states, more than 380 cities, and more than half households in the entire nation. Column One filled an editorial void since commentaries published by newspapers and magazines have not been focusing on the interests of this special population.  Column One is now part of the archives of Unmarried America.  

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November 12, 2007
Birth control activist warns young singles

November 5, 2007
Hundreds die from 'honor' killings in Iraq

October 29, 2007
More battles erupting over definition of family

October 22, 2007
Thomas F. Coleman is on vacation this week.

October 15, 2007
Advice for friends buying a home together

October 8, 2007
Singles groups offering friendship, not matchmaking

October 1, 2007
Plenty of new books for single people

September 24, 2007
British sisters continue their battle for equal rights

September 17, 2007
Ranks of unmarried adults reach 100 million mark

September 10, 2007
Critic says new employee benefits laws hurt families

September 3, 2007
List of 'best cities for singles' is quite misleading

August 27, 2007
Census Bureau promotes 'singles week'

August 20, 2007
More info on 'singles week' events

August 13, 2007
National group to host 'singles week' events

August 6, 2007
Doctors seek exemption from civil rights laws

July 30, 2007
One victory, one loss for the unmarried this month

July 23, 2007
Unmarried father's rights protected in Florida

July 16, 2007
America less focused on kids, more on adults

July 9, 2007
Thomas F. Coleman is on vacation this week.

July 2, 2007
New political report focuses on unmarried voters

June 25, 2007
Ballot measures triggering an expansion of benefits

June 18, 2007
Marketers notice influence of single consumers

June 11, 2007
California considers marital status options

June 4, 2007
States expanding health care for young singles

May 28, 2007
Thomas F. Coleman is on vacation this week.

May 21, 2007
Reactions of readers to prior Column One commentaries

May 14, 2007
Debates over unmarried adoptions heating up

May 7, 2007
Happy Mother's Day, Grandma

April 30, 2007
Single women take large share of homebuyer market

April 23, 2007
Spouseless weddings with solo vows not catching on

April 16, 2007
Unmarried need global human rights monitor

April 9, 2007
More single men using surrogates to have kids

April 2, 2007
Better housing for single sailors on horizon

March 26, 2007
Bills would expand family leave coverage

March 19, 2007
Sexual abstinence message not working

March 12, 2007
World's oldest man a life-long singleton

March 5, 2007
North Dakota leaves privacy invaders list

February 26, 2007
Unmarried officer denied leave for child's birth

February 19, 2007
Michigan court provides loophole in benefits ruling

February 12, 2007
More Anti-Valentine's Day promotions this year

February 5, 2007
British sisters to appeal human rights ruling

January 29, 2007
Justice Department protects unmarried borrowers

January 22, 2007
Media distorts census data on single women

January 15, 2007
Fed minimum wage hike would help singles

January 8, 2007
California considers expanding its anti-discrimination laws

December 25,  2006 - January 2, 2006
Thomas F. Coleman is on vacation.

December 18,  2006
Vatican ignores historical meaning of 'familia'

December 11,  2006
California bill would correct the exclusion of heterosexual couples

December 4, 2006
Letters from readers of Column One

November 27, 2006
Reactions of readers to prior Column One commentaries

November 20,  2006
Married voters break with 'marriage gap' pattern

November 13,  2006
New book has a singular focus

November 6, 2006
Reactions of readers to prior Column One commentaries

October 30,  2006
Heterosexuals cut out of federal benefits bill

October 23,  2006
Discrimination claims filed by heterosexual couples

October 16, 2006
Foley scandal may alter dynamics of 'marriage gap'

October 9, 2006
Reactions of readers to prior Column One commentaries

October 2, 2006
Most singles not desperately seeking romance

September 25, 2006
USA Week a success with the media

September 18, 2006
Elderly sisters fight British death tax

September 11, 2006
Religious outreach programs target singles

September 4, 2006
Labor Day portrait of the unmarried workforce

August 28, 2006
New census numbers provide advocacy opportunities

August 21, 2006
Drum roll: new 'unmarried majority' takes center stage

August 14, 2006
Single women outpace single men as homebuyers

August 7, 2006
Looking 'beyond marriage' for equal rights

July 31, 2006
Forbes distorts cost of married vs. single living

July 24, 2006
Anti-cohabitation law bites the dust

July 17, 2006
Home alone: more seniors living solo

July 10, 2006
Boston Globe takes wrong turn on employee benefits

July 3, 2006
Domestic partner benefits gaining momentum

June 26, 2006
Many volunteer opportunities for single people

June 19, 2006
Honoring single dads on father's day

June 12, 2006
British singer's USA tour promotes song for singles

June 5, 2006
Turning 19 can be hazardous to your health

May 29, 2006
Speech promoting Catholic doctrine irks college grads

May 22, 2006
Cities have opposing views on definition of 'family'

May 15, 2006
May 15 is International Day of Families

May 8, 2006
CNN show distorts views on workplace fairness

May 1, 2006
Other reactions of readers to prior Column One commentaries

April 24, 2006
More reactions of readers to prior Column One commentaries

April 17, 2006
Reactions of readers to prior Column One commentaries

April 10, 2006
IRS digs into pockets of low income singles

April 3, 2006
The invisible man: single guys are focus of new study

March 27, 2006
More cities grapple with definition of 'family'

March 20, 2006
Military panel wants pay equity for singles

March 13, 2006
Reciprocal beneficiary laws mask a larger political battle

March 6, 2006
Resolution promoting the 'natural family' is abnormal

February 27, 2006
Mini-battle over definition of 'family' has national significance

February 20, 2006
Equal benefits programs spreading despite New York setback

February 13, 2006
New law gives control of remains to surviving partner

February 6, 2006
Unmarried birth dads can't afford to be passive

January 30, 2006
Unlinking sex from domestic partner benefits programs

January 23, 2006
Many unmarried taxpayers denied 'head of household' status

January 16, 2006
No need for singles to protest Valentines Day

January 9, 2006
Domestic partner benefits are inevitable

January 2, 2006
Drop college requirement for health plan coverage

December 26, 2005
Anti-cohabitation laws are unconstitutional

December 19, 2005
Military singles deserve better treatment

December 12, 2005
Unmarried drivers should shop carefully for insurance

December 5, 2005
Many singles not satisfied with work-life balance

November 28, 2005
Having a will makes life easier for survivors

November 21, 2005
Gay activists questioning marriage as ultimate goal

November 14, 2005
Single governors are rare despite one recent victory

November 7, 2005
Unmarried couple fights bias by housing cooperative

October 31, 2005
Americans are warming up to  family diversity

October 24, 2005
Thomas Coleman is on vacation this week.

October 17, 2005
Getting health coverage for the young, single, and uninsured

October 10, 2005
Pennsylvania singles subsidize job rights for everyone but themselves

October 3, 2005
California marriage veto hides sweeping new business regulations

September 26, 2005
Name calling: how one person can make a difference

September 19, 2005
A week for singles but greeting cards can't be found

September 12, 2005
Minimum Wage Debates: unmarried workers the most affected

September 6, 2005
Labor Day: striving for equality when the party is over

August 30, 2005
Unmarried Households Becoming the New Majority