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December 4,  2006  



Letters from readers of Column One

Below are recent letters from readers sharing their views on issues which have been raised in this column.  The date and name of the column are in bold (with hyperlink to the commentary) and the readers comments follow.  Send us your comments on a particular column or on any issue affecting single people and we will consider publishing them.


October 10, 2005
Pennsylvania singles subsidize job rights for everyone but themselves

I wanted to send you this update on the legislation in PA to end asking invasive questions during job interviews.

Please listen to this NPR Interview:  Pennsylvania Moms Fight Bias in Hiring

Also, here’s my closing statement for this year on the legislation:

Kiki Peppard


At the end of November 2006, the hopes and dreams of women, especially mothers, to obtain a job with dignity and respect in Pennsylvania, died on the steps of the State Capitol in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania as a result of complete, deliberate and intentional neglect by the committee chairmen of the Senate Labor and Industry Committee and the House Judiciary Committee who held the fate of SB440 and HB352 in their hands.

Despite public outcry from women all over Pennsylvania and the United States of America who signed petitions at and other individuals who called and wrote to these chairmen directly, their pleas for these male lawmakers to bring these bills to their committees for a vote fell on deaf ears.

HB352 and SB440 from the 04-06 legislative session were predeceased by HB65 and SB131 (02-04 legislative session) and HB1718 and SB1261 (00-02 legislative session).  These bills added only TWO words to the 51 year old Pennsylvania Human Relations Act.  When enacted, these bills would prohibit employers from asking job candidates about their marital/familial status during job interviews (as is currently the law in 28 states).  Ironically, these questions are rarely if ever asked to men during interviews.  Women are even paid less for their work because of having to divulge their childbearing status during job interviews. 

Are the rumors that this is a misogynistic state really true?

As I don my traditional funeral attire and mourn for the loss of yet another chance that women receive fair and equal treatment in the workforce through updated legislation, I ponder why the continuous repression of women and their children? 

HB352 and SB440 are survived by women everywhere who believe in equality and justice and are trying to provide the best they can for their families.  May our legacy continue and our efforts quadruple next session to get the next set of bills passed.


September 19, 2005
A week for singles but greeting cards can't be found


SOS-me membership is a massive undertaking which has begun here in the United States and involves the uniting of all single Americans who wish (need, want, desire) to get out of isolation.  It is a huge task, but a necessary one because online uniting and the services they provide to isolated singles is a great step, but needs the extra oomph of daily living.
The logo membership of SOS-me (Singled Out Singles) identifies singles during every day activities very much like the Susan G Komen "pink ribbons" identifies cancer survivors or their relatives.  Our single logos invite conversation between singles and make them part of something bigger than themselves during every day activities!  It's the beginning of a new "society of Singles" that will channel all funds into donations to organizations such as yours and singles in need as individuals.
Can you become an affiliate and spread the word about our cause?  In return you can become a funded affiliate and continue to help and support singles in need everywhere.
Please check out our headquarters at, our logo products and idea and let me know if you can help the cause!  Please join in while SOS-me is still in it's infancy because we hold your organization in high regards. Thanks from the bottom of our single hearts!
Sue West
Singled Out Singles


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