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April 17,  2006  



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Are there any class actions or rulings that are out there that state such statutes are unconstitutional based on gender since a prospective mother need not provide support--if so please point me in the right direction.

I have a case in Kansas where a prospective father must show diligent support and actions six months prior to birth or his rights will terminate.  Several adoption agencies are taking advantage of this law--any suggestions.

G. Robertson

January 23, 2006
Many unmarried taxpayers denied 'head of household' status
The article was great and well written except for the last paragraph. Being a tax practitioner for 36 years I have seen many inequities where dishonest taxpayers took advantage of the tax law .
I saw and knew about taxpayers splitting the rewards of claiming children that were not their own blood and were taught how to answer the questions to get the maximum EIC, CTC, and HOH.
I have worked hard and struggled as a single mother raising three children. I seemed to always have just a little more income that avoided my receiving extra benefits. Other taxpayers not exactly telling the truth were reaping tax rewards because they knew how to answer the questions about supporting a girlfriend and her children to get maximum EITC, HOH and CTC even though they really had not.
In my opinion I think Congress realized from reviewing reports from the IRS that this was and had been the trend; thus changes were made to correct this.
R Buchanan

January 23, 2006
Many unmarried taxpayers denied 'head of household' status

I appreciate your article.
I haven't run the numbers yet but this change will cost my mother some money.  The $3,200.00 limit value definitely puts a crimp on qualifying relative.  I'm afraid that many people that use Turbo Tax will miss this change because, even though Intuit highlights the change, it is fairly easy to put in the wrong status by misinterpreting the questions offered.
The secondary affect is that the status will roll into her Maine State tax return and she will get hit for higher taxes again.


January 23, 2006
Many unmarried taxpayers denied 'head of household' status

I would love to find out what we can do as unmarried American's to help put a stop to the way we are treated by our government. I just read the column about taxpayers denied head of household [status].

I came across this article while doing a search to see if my fiancé's could claim my children this year. I have 3 children and I have been divorced for almost 4 years. We just bought a house and my fiancé's supports us. I was married before for 8 years in a bad relationship and it was great that I got myself and my children out. Now that I have this new one and I am out of work due to an auto accident and possibly permanently, my fiancé's has been struggling to support all 5 of us for 2 1/2 years. I did not know he could at least claim them as dependents and claim single. Wow .. I did the two differences of if he was a parent and as it is now just a person with them under his roof.. Big difference! 1, 140. dollars in return compared to the tax break we could of had of 5, 553 dollars. That is crazy .. Lot of help uncle Sam wants to do huh.. I never realized until after reading this article that maybe George Bush is all about pushing Religion in sneaky ways that is just not right. I am a religious person but I am not going to punish myself or someone else for bettering their life and getting a divorce or having children out of wedlock. This article really made me think about the type of government that we have leading us know. I always knew something was wrong in the last several years but I just didn't think our President was all that bad.. I am just starting to wonder when it comes to family and religious beliefs if he is beginning to think he can take it as far as he need to go to show people how he think it needs to be and punish us when its not up to him to do so.

Thank you for listening.. well reading.. sorry for being so long.. I hope we can all come up with some ideas to express how we all feel and get out point to the government.. The little people need to be heard as do the unmarried men and women who struggle in today's society with our children at our feet not knowing why they can't have what the man on T.V. Has !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. Its all about the Riches. . . and the upper-class. . . gotta be proper or your passed by.

January 2, 2006
Drop college requirement for health plan coverage

I read your article on the loss of medical coverage due to change in college status. I was hoping you might be able to help me. I live in Pa. Do you know if there are any laws or rules that address when coverage can be discontinued due to a change in status? In other words if the student is full time in the Fall but changes to part time in the Spring can coverage be discontinued retroactive to the Fall? My son was forced to change his status from full time to part time, not for medical reasons but for academic reasons. My employer has discontinued coverage retroactive to 12/31. I thought he would be covered to the end of the plan year which is 6/30/06.


December 26, 2005
Anti-cohabitation laws are unconstitutional

I was notified that I could lose custody of my 10-year old daughter by the Attorney who represents my daughter because of my "fornication"!  I have lived with my partner for 3 years and have a 1 year old son, I think it is absurd that the courts could remove my daughter from a stable and loving home because we choose not to marry.

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