Recent News Stories Mentioning Unmarried America


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Detroit News
Dec. 29, 2004





Singles Still Feel Singles Out


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Houston Chronicle
Dec. 15, 2004





Living Single,
Seeing Double


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Associated Press
Dec. 2,  2004
carried by 150 newspapers





'I do, I do,' but not yet: More in America putting off marriage


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Christian Science Monitor
Dec. 2,  2004

Chicago Daily Herald
Dec. 3, 2004






Incredible shrinking U.S. family


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New York, NY
Nov. 21, 2004
San Jose Mercury News
November 30, 2004
Tallahassee Democrat
December 1, 2004





Singles Shall Overcome


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Flint, MI

Nov. 18, 2004







Unmarried Population Grows



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Idaho Falls

October 20, 2004







Singles vs. Couples



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The Interpreter

Magazine of the United Methodist Church

October 2004







The Real World: Singles and Dating



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Asbury Park Press
New Jersey

Sept. 19, 2004







Single-minded focus: unmarried nonvoters



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Forbes Online

Sept. 16, 2004






Unmarried homeowners face higher estate taxes



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Journal Times
Racine, WI

Sept. 3, 2004






A nod to singles' efforts



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Juneau Empire
Juneau, AK

Sept. 3, 2004






Faith-based billions can't buy you love



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Los  Angeles

Sept. 2, 2004




Reaches about
2.7 million readers


Unattached, thank you, and loving it



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KCET Public TV
"Life & Times"

Aug. 16, 2004



Singles Getting the Short Stick?

An interview with
Thomas F. Coleman



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Fox News

Aug. 13, 2004



Campaigns Consider Singles in 2004 Race



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Minneapolis, MN

Aug. 11, 2004



Unmarried America:
Equal Benefits
for Singles



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The Tribune
San Luis Obispo,

July 19, 2004



Remember the
Perks of Being a Single Renter



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Globe and Mail

July 3, 2004




One is Not the Loneliest Number



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June 24, 2004
Wall Street Journal

July 19, 2004
Tucson Citizen
Tucson, AZ

July 27, 2004
Pioneer Press
St. Paul, MN


The Singles Lobby


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Associated Press
in these papers
on June 18, 2004:
News Democrat
(Bellville, IL)
Daily Herald
(Chicago, IL)
Northwest Herald
(Crystal Lake, IL)
on June 19:
Daily Southtown
(Tinley Park, IL)
on June 20:
(Bloomington, IL)



Same-sex benefits in proposed contract
stir emotions



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Village Voice
(New York)

June 15, 2004




Presidential candidates' pitiful pitch for single women




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Wall Street Journal

June 15, 2004

Also published in:

The Repository
Canton, OH
June 17, 2004

Star Banner
Ocala, FL
June 21, 2004

Houston Chronicle
Houston, TX
June 26, 2004




Cities launch programs to lure college graduates




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(New Orleans, LA)



Gay marriage raises questions for employers


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News Observer
(Raleigh, NC)



Cooking for One:
VIP Style


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Philadelphia Inquirer
(Philadelphia, PA)


Reaches about
874,000  readers

Singles on the move? Yes, to the suburbs


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Times Reporter
(New Philadelphia, OH)



When its up to you: financial planning
for singles


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Los  Angeles


Reaches about
2.7 million readers

Anti-Cohabitation Law Still Being Enforced


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Los  Angeles
Daily News


Also published in:
Seattle Post Intelligencer;
Miami Herald;
Pasadena Star News;
San Gabriel Valley Tribune:
Whittier Daily News


Looking Out for
Numero Uno


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Tulsa World


Reaches about
400,000  readers

Will Work
for One


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USA Today


Reaches 5.4 million readers

The State of
Our Unions


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also published on
MSNBC Website and Yahoo News website

The High Cost
of Not Marrying


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Arizona Republic


Reaches 1.3 million readers

The single person's burden

by Thomas F. Coleman


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USA Weekend
(National Magazine)



Reaches 49 million readers in more than
590 papers

List of Papers

Singles of the
World, Unite

AASP aspires to be the AARP for the unmarried.

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News Night with
Aaron Brown


Dr. Nora Baladerian,
President of AASP,
appears as a guest






Miami Herald
(National Release)


Reaches 1 million readers in Miami area, and national release reached readers in papers in other states
List of Papers


Single and Smiling,
even on
Valentines Day

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ABC News
(National Website)



Love Stinks

Far from moping,
singles stick it to cupid
on Valentines Day

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Daily Camera
(Boulder, CO)



Reaches 87,000 homes

Singles Slighted


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Charlotte Observer
(Charlotte, NC)



Reaches 794,000 readers


Singularly Happy


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The Observer
(London, England)


The Observer and Guardian Unlimited reaches 5.6 million readers in Britain

Let's Say it Loud,
we're single . . .
and proud

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Star Tribune
(Casper, WY)




Reaches 31,278 homes


Americans Living the
Single Life Longer


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Journal Constitution
(Atlanta, GA)



Reaches 400,000 homes

Club's Policy
Called Anti-Gay


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