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Private-Sector Employers With Domestic Partner Benefits Plans


This page contains links to lists of employers in the private sector which provide domestic partner health benefits. Each type of employer has two separate categories: "The Good Guys" and "The Almost-Good Guys."

Employers listed in the "good guys" category provide benefits to all domestic partners, same-sex and heterosexual couples alike. These companies do not force heterosexual couples to marry in order to obtain equal benefits in the workplace.

Employers listed in the "not-so-good" category have adopted domestic partner benefits programs for same-sex couples only. Unmarried heterosexual couples are not eligible for these plans. At these companies, opposite-sex partners are required to marry in order to obtain health and other benefits. While these companies have made some progress by partly moving away from the "marriage only" model for benefits, they continue to engage in marital status discrimination by telling heterosexual workers that they must marry in order to participate in the company’s benefits plan. The gender restrictions in these plans should be eliminated so that all unmarried couples are eligible.

The information contained in these lists was obtained from surveys conducted by the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. Survey results are published on their web site at www.nlgja.org.



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