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Parity for the Pairing Impaired

by Vernon Gutenkunst

Many medical issues make it extremely difficult for establishing and maintaining relationships. Although these illnesses are so many and so diverse, they are quite equal opportunity illnesses. Both married and unmarried are at risk.

Furthermore, many of these are undiagnosed and untreated. Discriminating against the single person, both healthy and ill, maliciously endangers their health by subjecting them to unwarranted and unethical obstacles. Since single citizens almost always receive lower compensation, it is very obvious that they have significantly less money than their married counterparts to channel toward health factors such as social networks.

The 1995 book, Relationships in Chronic Illness and Disability, clearly clarifies the benefits derived from having healthy social networks. Even though the small book could not possibly cover all possible medical issues, the authors and contributors; Renee F. Lyons, Michael J. L. Sullivan, and Paul G. Ritvo with Jams C. Coyne provided more than significant representative sampling establishing the requirement of healthy social networks. Being married is absolutely not the only way to go through life having healthy social networks!

Unjustified lower status and unjustified lower compensation find the pairing impaired with lower chances of developing and maintaining healthy social networks. Overwhelming evidence has found that not having a healthy social network is detrimental to one’s health. Ultimately, this results in overall higher human and material costs.

What’s the answer? When in doubt, read the instructions!

The prevailing married master-race policies reek of a "holier than thou" mentality directly defying the intent of the Bible, Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Gettysburg Address. Our "melting pot" does not melt our society anymore into a warm community of camaraderie.

The "melting pot" so many times attributed as a mixture melted into a harmonious community of America, has long since cooled to melt no longer. Instead of warmth, a disrespectful cold attitude towards others and a disregardful cold attitude towards documents supposed to guide us in the pursuit of happiness has frozen the fundamental concept of equality.

The most heinous aspect is the overall treatment of the single citizens dealing with medical issues. If there cannot be parity for the pairing impaired, I shudder to think of what may be next.

Unfortunately, I do know what is going to be next.

The murder of social networks through so many different ways is murdering our society. This is part of a domino effect with elements of our social capital falling like dominoes. By continually discouraging the growth and maintenance of social capital, we allow societal fragmentation through continuing discrimination and increased polarization of the different elements.

Like the domino effect that was attributed to small countries endangered by communism, parity for the pairing impaired is only one of the many dominoes that must not fall! It is absolutely necessary for us to reestablish the pursuit of what we once strived for far too long ago -- an "American Dream" which was a good example for the rest of the world.

Each and every American domino needs to be standing tall and treated EQUALLY!


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