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Domestic Partner News

Stories posted on December 5, 2005




University of Florida approves domestic partner benefits for employees







Tucson's two-year-old partner registry gets limited praise




Stories posted on October 26, 2005


City contractors in Miami Beach must offer domestic partner benefits






Palm Beach County approves, but won't fund, partner benefits






Story posted on August 18, 2005



Critics say Salt Lake mayor's benefits plan is too narrow




Story posted on August 18, 2005




Women who cohabit have daughters who do the same





Stories posted on August 5, 2005


Financial Planning for Unmarried Couples:

Tips for young couples

Tips for mid-age couples

Tips for older couples




California businesses must treat registered
partners the same as spouses







Ohio court upholds partner registry in Cleveland Heights




Story posted on July 28, 2005





2006 Arizona ballot measure hits
hundreds of unmarried partners








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