Friday, June 4, 2004

Savings for domestic partners on auto insurance

A story published today by Gay Wired notes that times have changed. Most estimates show that over half of the U.S. population will cohabit with a partner at some point in a lifetime. Esurance, a direct-to-consumer personal auto insurance company, encourages cohabiting couples to streamline their finances by purchasing one policy per household.

Esurance is also one of the only insurance companies offering additional savings to cohabiting couples, regardless of their official marital status. Drivers sharing the same garaging address with a significant other may qualify for a multi-car discount on their auto insurance policy.

Kristin Brewe, Esurance's Director of Corporate Communications, explained, "If any driver shares a household with someone, it makes great financial sense to combine auto insurance policies. In addition to potential rate savings, busy couples can save time managing their auto insurance. For two-car households, Esurance's multi-car discount for domestic partners can provide additional savings."

Esurance's multi-car discount is automatically applied when eligible drivers get a quote at Esurance customers can also benefit from a variety of additional discounts. Though discounts vary from state to state, Esurance customers can get discounts for good driving, safety and anti-theft equipment, home ownership, and/or certain preferred occupations. Esurance also provides instant rate comparisons to make it easier for customers to shop for auto insurance.

About Esurance Esurance, a subsidiary of White Mountains Insurance Group, Ltd. (NYSE: WTM), provides personal auto insurance direct to consumers online. Esurance is dedicated to constantly improving the way people shop for, buy, and manage their auto insurance. By combining the best of technology with industry know-how, Esurance is able to offer hassle-free coverage with 24/7 customer service and claims handling at competitive prices.

Through Esurance's Web site,, customers can get instant quotes, view comparison quotes, buy an Esurance policy, and print their proof of insurance card all in minutes. Esurance also offers policyholders the ability to make policy changes and file claims instantly online, demonstrating its commitment to improving the entire insurance process from quote to claim.


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