Tuesday, December 3, 2003



Health  insurance company opens long-term care product  for domestic partners




A story published today by the Orlando Business Journal reports that Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Inc., based in Jacksonville, is introducing a new long-term care insurance product called BlueSecure Freedom.

Unique to BlueSecure Freedom are five choices of inflation protection riders and recognition of domestic partners for coverage. A 25 percent discount on annual premiums is available to couples that apply for coverage at the same time, even if one partner is turned down for coverage, a news release says.

"When the need for long-term care arises, it can be difficult in many ways - emotionally, physically and financially," says Lisa Wendt, vice president of long-term care for Florida Combined Life, a subsidiary of BCBSF, in the release.

BlueSecure Freedom benefit features include:

- Facility care coverage for long-term care services received in a nursing facility, assisted living facility, Alzheimer's facility or Hospice facility;

- Home health care coverage;

- Equipment for use in performing daily living activities;

- Bed reservation coverage for fees charged by a long-term care facility to reserve a bed while the plan member is absent for any reason;

- Family member assistance for qualified services provided by family members not living with the plan member;

- Alternative care benefits that cover treatments or services that are not covered by the policy but are considered to be appropriate, cost-effective alternatives; and

- A personal care adviser to help coordinate care plans.

BlueSecure Freedom is available to adults 18 years and older, the release says, and research shows that 40 percent of all Americans using long-term care services are between the ages of 18 and 64.





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