Tuesday, May 14, 2002


Workplace: a hotbed of passion?


A story released today by the Evening Standard reports that the workplace is today revealed as a hotbed of passion as more than 60% of people questioned in the largest ever survey of sex in the workplace admit they have had a fling with a colleague.

Nearly one in 10 of those who confess to affairs say they have had four lovers or more, and 16% say they have had sex in the boss's office.

Two out of three believe 'almost everyone flirts at the office' with more than a third of men and a fifth of women admitting to playing up their sexuality.

Women who are promoted quickly are believed by four out of 10 colleagues to have slept their way to the top. About half of women and 20% of men who had workplace flings admit to having an affair with a more senior member of staff.

More than 10% of workers who have indulged in a fling say they left their jobs after the break-up, and 9% admit their fling ended in separation or divorce. And while the vast majority tried to conceal their passion, about 7% were caught in the act.

The survey was conducted by the US edition of Elle Magazine and the internet news site MSNBC.com.






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