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Domestic Partnership News Archive
November 08 - November 14, 1999





This page contains news for the period Monday, November 08, 1999 through Sunday, November 14, 1999.




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Thursday, November 11, 1999

Boeing union demands inclusion of heterosexual couples in domestic partner benefits

An article published today in the Daily Herald of Washington, a large union is insisting that Boeing provide domestic partner benefits to represented employees and that the package be afforded to all unmarried couples regardless of gender.

Boeing recently announced that it would offer domestic partner benefits to non-union workers but only same-sex couples are eligible for the benefit. The program is limited to health benefits.

Charles Bofferding, executive director for the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace, which represents some 23,000 Boeing engineers and technical workers, hinted that talks broke down when Boeing asked that SPEEA accept a benefit package that's now given to some non-represented Boeing workers.

Bofferding said that SPEEA wants not only medical coverage, but bereavement, family leave and pensions plans for unmarried heterosexual couples and not just same-sex couples. It's a matter of parity, union officials said.


Monday, November 08, 1999

Doyle Hotels to give employees domestic partner benefits

An article published today in Washington Business Week reports that the Doyle Hotel Group plans to extend employee health insurance benefits to cover unmarried domestic partners.

Enrollment began Nov. 1 for employees at the Doyle's three properties in Washington. Hotel officials say the insurance will take effect in about 30 days.

Previously, only legally married and single employees were eligible for the hotel's health insurance coverage. Now, the benefits will be available for homosexual and heterosexual couples living in committed relationships, and for their dependents.

The article says that at least one other major hotel company in the Washington D.C. area -- Marriott International -- offers similar benefits to domestic partners, but experts believe such insurance is rare in the industry.

Peter Hilary, regional vice president for the Doyle Hotel Group, said the new package will be available at the Doyle Washington, Marriott Courtyard Northwest and Doyle Normandy. Together, the hotels employ more than 220 people.

Hilary said the company is trying to create equality among its employees.

"We offer it to married couples and we thought it was only right to offer it to others who are in a committed, but not married, relationship," Hilary said. "And we want to create competitiveness in the open market."

The article says the insurance plan for all Doyle employees costs $5 for a single person and $10 per couple each week. Doyle pays $144 a month for each employee's health and dental benefits package.

For married couples to be covered, the only documentation required is a marriage certificate. However, under the new domestic partner policy, the insurance company requires criteria such as utility bills and a lease with both names, Hilary said.

Gordon Lambourne, vice president of brand public relations for Bethesda-based Marriott, said the benefits are offered systemwide to nearly 1,600 U.S. properties representing more than 123,000 employees.

"We place a high value on diversity and, at the same time, meet a critical need of our current and future work force," Lambourne said.

Marriott began offering its domestic partner benefits Jan. 2. The plan is offered to both homosexual and heterosexual couples and requires partners to show proof of the same address. It also requires partners be at least 18, share basic living expenses and live together at least six months.

Marriott's plan includes full health and dental coverage. The company also offers gap insurance for domestic partners who lose coverage temporarily.


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