Government Employers Extending
Health Benefits to Domestic Partners

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Opposite-Sex and Same-Sex
Partners Included in Plan:

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Arlington County, Virginia
Atlanta, Georgia
Berkeley, California
Bloomington, Indiana
Boston, Massachusetts
Broward County, Florida
Burien, Washington
Burlington, Vermont
California State*
Carroboro, North Carolina
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Cumberland County, Maine
Columbus, Ohio
Dane County, Wisconsin
DeKalb County, Georgia
Gainesville, Florida
Hyattsville, Maryland
Iowa State
Juneau, Alaska
Kansas City, Missouri
Key West, Florida
King County, Washington
Laguna Beach, California
Lexington, Kentucky
Los Angeles City, California
Los Angeles County, California
Madison, Wisconsin
Maine State
Miami Beach, Florida
Middlebury, Vermont
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Monroe County, Florida
Multnomah County, Oregon
Nassau County, New York
New York City, New York
New Mexico State
New York State
Oakland, California
Orange County, North Carolina
Oregon State
Olympia, Washington
Phoenix, Arizona
Pima County, Arizona
Portland, Oregon
Providence, Rhode Island
Rhode Island State
Rochester, New York
Sacramento, California
San Diego City, California
San Diego County, California
San Francisco, California
San Mateo County, California
Santa Barbara City, California
Santa Barbara County, California
Santa Cruz City, California
Santa Cruz County, California
Santa Monica, California
Seattle, Washington
Snohomish County, Washington
Suffolk County, New York
Tacoma Park, Maryland
Tempe, Arizona
Tumwater, Washington
Vancouver, Washington
Ventura County, California
Vermont State
West Hollywood, California

* California's system for domestic partner health benefits is riddled with inconsistencies.  The Legislature provides health benefits to same and opposite-sex partner of legislators and staffers, regardless of age, but excludes coverage for a dependent adult blood relative of a legislative staff member or legislator.  The University of California gives such benefits to same-sex partners or to a dependent adult blood relative of an employee. All other state workers can get benefits for same-sex partners of any adult age or an opposite-sex partner if at least one of the opposite-sex partners is over the age of 62, but a dependent adult blood relative will not be covered.

Same-Sex Partners Only:

Amherst, Massachusetts

Ashland, Oregon
Baltimore, Maryland
Brattleboro, Vermont

Chicago, Illinois
Connecticut State
Cook County, Illinois
Decatur, Georgia
Denver, Colorado
Durham, North Carolina
Eastchester, New York
El Paso, Texas
Fulton County, Georgia
Glendale, Colorado
Gresham, Oregon
Howard County, Maryland
Iowa City, Iowa
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Mansfield, Connecticut
Montgomery County, Maryland
New Jersey State
New Orleans, Louisiana
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Santa Clara County, California
Tucson, Arizona
Washington State
Washtenaw County, Michigan