July 17, 2005


Buying Solo : The Single Woman's Guide to Buying a First Home

Buying a home is an excellent investment, and more and more women are taking the plunge--with or without Mr. Right. Financial expert Vanessa Summers tells women how to do it-even if they have less-than-perfect credit or no extra cash for a down payment.

Readers will get the inside scoop on:

- Why a home is the best investment a single woman can make
- How even the credit-challenged can buy
- How much monthly mortgage they can afford on their salary
- How to find a great real estate agent and the best deals
- The art of "Trump-like" negotiation and closing the deal

Packed with practical, savvy advice, Buying Solo is the must-have guide for any woman who realizes that building equity and investing in herself isn't just smart, it's essential.

About the Author
Vanessa Summers is a former stockbroker, a Registered Investment Advisor, a money coach, and the author of Get in the Game!: The Girl's Guide to Money & Investing. CNBC calls her the "Financial Guru" of the MTV generation and Glamour magazine named her their very own "Money Model." She is also the founder of the nonprofit Sutra Foundation, dedicated to providing financial education to young women.