Special Concerns
of Single Parents


Information on Domestic Partner Benefits Plans


Information on
Extended Family
Benefits Plans

Singles-Friendly Workplace

Does the company's Equal Employment Opportunity policy protect workers from discrimination on the basis of marital status?

   Is the company aware of the number and percent of unmarried workers it is employing?

   Does the company’s diversity program mention single people?

   Does the company’s work-life program take into consideration the needs of unmarried workers?

Does the company take into consideration the needs of single parents in its benefits program, such as offering flextime, telecommuting, or childcare benefits?

    Does the company have a domestic partner benefits plan, and if so, is it open to same and opposite-sex couples?

  Are solo singles given equal benefits compensation to employees who have spouses or domestic partners?

  Can unmarried employees name an adult blood relative who lives with them as a benefits beneficiary?


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