Advice & Resources

We provide advice and resources-

financial, legal, health, travel, books – for solo singles, domestic partners, single parents, single women, and others. You won’t find information and referrals as comprehensive as this anywhere else on the Internet.



We report current news that directly concerns unmarried people. We let our members know about pending legislation which could affect their lives or pocketbooks. New book releases and interesting essays are also found on our website.



We issue quarterly newsletters for our members to keep them informed of our progress as we promote equal rights for them as taxpayers, workers, and consumers.


Media Outreach

Favorable public opinion is essential to any equal rights campaign. This often depends on how the media portrays us. We work with reporters, journalists, and producers to create media products which are fair and balanced.


Research & Policy

Spectrum Institute, our research and policy division, analyzes academic studies about single people. We also assist elected officials as they conduct studies and  publish policy reports on issues of concern to unmarried Americans.


Awards Program

To acknowledge leadership and excellence, we give awards to individuals and organizations who have helped unmarried Americans in some significant way: elected officials, corporate executives, and members of the media. These awards encourage others to emulate the actions of these good role models.


Counseling & Advocacy

In appropriate cases, we counsel members who are experiencing unfair treatment. If warranted, we will write a letter or file a brief proposing a solution to the problem.



Networking with Other Groups

We share information with groups for single parents raising children, and groups focusing on the social and recreational interests of all unmarried and single people, as well as other nonprofit educational and service organizations.



Advice & Resources





Netw orking w ith Other Group