(From Wendy Keller)
I'd been an award-winning journalist and was looking for an interesting career change.
Since then, I've sold more than 300 books to publishers all over the world, and represented a number of bestselling and/or celebrity authors. In my free time, I have written 24 published books under 4 pseudonyms. The most successful is currently The Cult of the Born Again Virgin: How Single Women Can Reclaim Their Sexual


Power. This is a book supporting women's self esteem. This book has gotten me on Dateline NBC, Politically Incorrect, and 43 other TV shows including CBS, Fox, NBC and ABC. I've been featured in 73 newspaper and magazine articles for this title, including The Arizona Republic, Miami Herald, Dallas Morning News and Chicago Tribune. I've been the guest on nearly 250 radio shows and have more lined up.

Topics: All unmarried people, Single Fathers, Solo Singles, Divorced People, Single Women, Single Parents, Single Mothers