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(From Serge Prengel)
Feeling stuck is familiar territory for me. So is the experience of using this feeling as a reminder to go inside and tap into my creative energy."I have been fortunate to have talented guides in my own journey of self-exploration. I value the depth of feeling and sense of personal power they helped me reach.


I want to share this with others. I like to help people gain a direct experience of their own truth, and the inner power that comes from knowing your vulnerability. "I want to help you use your creative resources to solve your problems, and to apply what you're learning to your everyday life."


Serge Prengel's work is grounded in mind-body psychotherapy. He was trained at the Institute of Core Energetics.

He has led workshops at the 92nd St Y (NY), Rowe Conference Center (MA), The Place Center for Men (NJ), Children's Rights Council (DC) and other settings.