"Single Again:
Dating and Meeting New Friends the Second Time Around"

By: George Blake


Topics: All Unmarried People, Single Fathers, Solo Singles, Divorced People, Single Women, Single Parents, Widowed People, Unmarried Consumers, Single Mothers

"As the author of one of America's most popular books on singles, I think I can speak for a large segment of the singles' population. Many, if not most, singles are concerned that our problems with uneven taxes and other social considerations are consistently put on the back burner by the hucksters who determine our national


"Within another eight years, singles will outnumber married's . . . and then we'll expect a full accounting from those who have ignored us for all these years." George Blake is an advertising executive who found himself single again after 18 years of marriage. He conducted a 12-year research program involving over 15,000 interviews. He writes a popular singles column and has sponsored over 1,000 singles dances and parties.