Welcome to the Speakers Bureau.  This section of the National USA Week will help you, as a member of the media, to familiarize yourself with book authors, college professors, and others who are available to be interviewed about a variety of topics relevant to the lives of unmarried and single Americans. 

Some speakers are available to address issues affecting all unmarried Americans, while others will limit their focus to special sub-groups of single people, such as single parents, single women, unmarried couples, people who are divorced, or people who are widowed.

The members of our Speakers Bureau have identified various perspectives from which they will share their expertise and opinions.  Some will speak from a social perspective, while others will come from a historical, legal, political, or economic point of view.

We have arranged this section of the website to make it easy for you to find a speaker by geographic location or topic.  Just click on one of the links below, look through the pages, and let us know if you would like to interview one or more of these speakers.  We will then contact the speaker and put them in touch with you.

The Speakers