An Invitation from Unmarried America

Dear Website Visitor,

You are invited to participate in one or more activities celebrating National Unmarried and Single Americans Week, also known as National Singles Week. This year it is commemorated during September 20-26.

There are a variety of ways in which you can participate. Some suggestions are listed in the column to the right. Be creative. Let us know if you think of other ways to get involved.

In prior years some 60 Mayors and Governors in 33 states declared the third week of September as Unmarried and Single Americans Week in their jurisdictions.  In 2003, the Census Bureau released a two minute radio spot to start the week.  The spot was distributed to 500 radio stations.  This year and during the past two years, the Census Bureau is issued a special "Facts for Features" press release and data to commemorate this occasion. 

When Unmarried America was an advocacy organization, it traditionally sent representatives to Washington D.C. during Unmarried and Single Americans Week where we visited the offices of all 535 members of Congress to share our concerns.  Now that Unmarried America is an information service, we are making this website an educational endeavor, hoping that other groups and individuals will participate in various ways.

During Singles Week we want the general public to know that 92 million unmarried Americans -- and we now head up more than half of the nation's households -- deserve equal rights and fairness as workers, consumers, and taxpayers.  We also want politicians and political parties to pay more attention to us as voters.  That is more likely to happen if unmarried Americans speak out and spread this message.

We look forward to hearing from you whether you are a single person, a business owner, an elected representative, or a nonprofit organization.  Tell us how you plan to celebrate National Singles Week so we can share your news with others.

Sincerely yours,

Thomas F. Coleman
Executive Director

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Unmarried America is a function of Spectrum Institute, a nonprofit tax-exempt organization.  Donations to Unmarried America are therefore tax deductible.  Checks may be sent to us at P.O. Box 11030, Glendale, CA 91226. 


How you can participate

Prior to September 19:


* Make a tax-deductible donation to Unmarried America to help support this information service.

* Ask your local bookstore or library to create a display for Unmarried and Single Americans Week. They can contact Unmarried America for ideas.

* Ask the Mayor of your city and the Governor of your state to issue a proclamation declaring the third week of September as Unmarried and Single Americans Week.  Send us a copy and we will post it to this website.

Members of Congress:

* Ask your U.S. Senator and your member of Congress from the House of Representatives to issue a Greeting to Unmarried America for Unmarried and Single Americans Week.  We will post it to this website.

Nonprofit organizations:

Endorse the concept of Unmarried and Single Americans Week and have your group listed on this website as an endorsing agency. 


* Have the lifestyle or features editor of your newspaper plan a story about Unmarried and Single Americans Week or for Singles Day in which unmarried and single residents and organizations in your area are featured. Unmarried America can supply the newspaper with book authors and experts on singles issues whom they can interview.


* Post a news item about Singles Week on your bulletin board or employee newsletter or intranet. Have your graphics department create some posters or displays to place around the office during Singles Week.

During Sept. 19-25


* Schedule a special event to celebrate Singles Week.  Designate a portion of the proceeds as a donation to Unmarried America or the Alternatives to Marriage Project or both. 


* Invite your neighbors and friends to your house during Singles Week for a party. What a great opportunity to get together for some fun. 

* Write a letter to the editor of your local paper, sharing your views on life as an unmarried American. Send it by e-mail or postal mail by Sept. 9th.

Radio Talk Shows:

* Schedule program time for discussions with unmarried listeners. Call on Unmarried America to line up a member of our Speakers Bureau to appear on your show.