The U.S. Census Bureau reported on August 15, 2006, that 155 members of the United States House of Representatives (109th Congress) have districts in which the majority of households are headed by unmarried adults.  That is up from 113 members as reported by the full 2000 Census for the redrawn districts for the 108th Congress. The "unmarried majority" households in these districts consist of a variety of living arrangements, including solo singles, roommates, unmarried partners, single parents, and unmarried relatives sharing a house or apartment.  The table below has links to some website pages for those members who had "unmarried majority" districts in 2000 as well as those who have joined the "unmarried majority" Congressional club more recently.

If you are not sure who your U.S. Representative is, click here to find out.    To see a list of Senators representing "unmarried majority" states, click here.


State District Representative Main District Office Percent Households
Headed by Unmarried
per 2000
full Census
Percent Households
Headed by Unmarried
per 2005
American Community Survey

Click on the names of Congress members for more information on them and their districts.

Colorado 1 Diana DeGette (D) Denver 64.5 65.3
  7 Bob Beauprez (R) Wheat Ridge 50.8 54.5
Connecticut 1 John Larson (D) Hartford   53.2
  3 Rosa DeLauro (D) New Haven 50.7 53.3
District of Columbia AL* Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) Washington, D.C. 76.6 78.2
Florida 2 F. Allen Boyd Jr. (D) Tallahassee 51.4 53.1
  3 Corrine Brown (D) Jacksonville 61.3 66.9
  4 Andrew Crenshaw (R) Jacksonville   51.5
  8 Rick Keller (R) Orlando   51.6
  10 C.W. Bill Young (R) St. Petersburg 54.7 56.4
  11 Jim Davis (D) Tampa 61.6 66.3
  17 Kendrick Meek (D) Miami 60.5 65.3
  18 Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R) Miami 56.7 61.0
  19 Robert Wexler (D) Boca Raton   51.7
  20 D. Wassherman Schultz (D) Pembroke Pines 53.9 55.2
  22 E. Clay Shaw Jr. (R) Ft. Lauderdale 50.2 52.3
  23 Alcee Hastings (D) Ft. Lauderdale 61.2 65.9
Georgia 2 Sanford Bishop Jr. (D) Albany 53.4 56.5
  3 Jim Marshall (D) Macon 51.7 55.5
  4 Cynthis McKinney (D) Decatur 57.6 64.8
  5 John Lewis (D) Atlanta 72.3 74.1
  11 Phil Gingrey (R) Marietta 50.6 53.1
  12 John Barrow (D) Savannah 57.6 60.4
  13 David Scott (D) Jonesboro 52.1 58.5
N/a means that no updated information was released by the Census Bureau for the 2002 or 2003 or 2004 American Community Survey.  * AL means district "at large" for the entire state.  

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