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News Article
Mobile Register
October 10, 2000

Single women taxpayers should love Bush's plan

An article published today by the Mobile (Alabama) Register says that the Bush-Cheney ticket stands on the verge of a political breakout, with only single women standing in their way. And for those single women, the paper says the Bush-Cheney tax plan contains a powerful financial appeal.

On the other hand, it says that the Gore plan offers them nothing.

The paper invites readers to look at the polls. Mr. Bush leads among men. He leads among married women. But he trails profoundly among single women. Neutralize their opposition - earn just 5 percent more of their vote - and he wins.

It also invites readers to compare the tax cut plans of the two candidates.

It says that for a single woman making $39,000 a year, the Bush plan allows her to keep $466 more of her own money. The Gore plan? Zero. And if the Bush plan were enacted, the single woman making $78,000 would keep $1,277 more. Under Mr. Gore, she would get no break.

And so on and so forth at every income level.

According to the paper, under the Gore plan, a single woman without children is always out of luck. Her tax savings would be zilch. There's no way that she would get a rebate from the surplus.

If he wants to win, Bush needs to point that out and pound it home.  When he complains that Mr. Gore would have the government pick and choose who is worthy of a tax cut, he should note that the vice president never finds single women worthy.

The news article then gives some other examples:

"The young women on "Friends"? No tax savings. Ally   McBeal? No savings. Mary (Tyler Moore) Richards and her pal Rhoda Morganstern would also be out of luck.

"Want real-life examples? How about the singer, Jewel? Or ace New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd? Or, to get away from the chic and famous, how about the young school teacher a year out of college? The sales clerk, the assembly-line worker, the waitress, the struggling artist? Under Mr. Gore, they would be utterly out of luck."

The article concludes with the following warning:

"The vote of single women is up for grabs, and it could well determine the identity of the next president. Mr. Bush's campaign needs to target his tax plan to them. "


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