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AASP Newsletter

Vol. 2, No. 3           March - May  2001

Table of Contents


Unmarried Americans Need Tax Relief Too   --   Page 1

Asking Questions in Washington D.C. -- Page 2

     Surveying Members of Congress

     Travelling to the Capitol

     Are You a Head of Household?

Unmarried and Single People and . . .  -- Page 3

     The Death Tax

     The Social Security Tax

Federal Income Tax and . . .  -- Page 4

     Domestic Partner Benefits

     Joint Tax Returns

     Adult Dependent Status

     Child Tax Credits

Unmarried Americans and President Bush's Tax Plan -- Page 5

     Income Tax Reform

     Death Tax Reform

     Social Security Tax Reform

     The Democrats Target "Working Families"

Meet Some of Our New Members -- Page 6

Federal Taxation of Unmarried Americans: 2001 Congressional Survey -- Page 7

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