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AASP Newsletter

Vol. 2, No. 2           Dec. 2000. - Feb. 2001

Table of Contents


Ad Campaign Brings National Attention to AASP      --   Page 1

Associated Press Releases Story on AASP’s Ad Campaign  -- Page 2

Radio and Television Coverage of AASP Ad Campaign  -- Page 3

Marital Status Plays Role in Election -- Page 3

Membership Status in AASP  -- Page 4

     Number of members
     States with Members (including map)
     New elected officials
     New book authors
     Change in status of elected officials

AASP is Expanding Staff and Changing Locations -- Page 5

Southern California ACLU Endorses AASP’s Campaigns -- Page 6

Charles Osgood Speaks About AASP and Single Voters -- Page 6

AASP Campaigns Move Forward -- Page 7

     bd10267_1.gif (311 bytes) Workplace Campaign -- Page 7

     bd10267_1.gif (311 bytes) Stop the Stigma Campaign --  Page 7

Join AASP or Give Someone a Gift Membership Today -- Back Page


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