AASP is Expanding Staff and Changing Locations


New Public Affairs Director
Added to AASP Staff


Headquarters Relocating
to Glendale, California

For the past two years, the staff at AASP has been working out of a 400 square foot home-based office in Los Angeles.

With membership growing, additions being made to the staff, and the need for working space for student interns and volunteers, it has become necessary to rent nearby office space.

We just signed a two-year lease for 1350 square feet of office space in Glendale, California – just 4 miles from our original location. We take possession of the office on December 15, 2000.

A photo of our new office building is found below. We will be working behind the row of windows across the third floor. Our new address will be 415 E. Harvard, Suite 204, Glendale, CA 91205.

With larger quarters, we will be able to accommodate student interns and other volunteers.

    Stephanie Knapik

Since our last newsletter was published, Stephanie Knapik has become AASP’s new Director of Public Affairs.

Stephanie has been a member of the board of directors since we incorporated in 1987 as Spectrum Institute.

In 1999 we changed the corporate name to the American Association for Single People.

Stephanie’s duties include membership recruitment, membership communications, media relations, and assisting in a wide range of other activities.

Before working for AASP, Stephanie supervised civil rights investigations and, prior to that, she was the executive director of the Westside Fair Housing Council in Los Angeles.

AASP’s new office is located behind the windows across the top floor

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