Membership Status


As a result of our advertising campaign, and publicity we received on radio and television as well as in newspaper articles, we have doubled our membership in the past two months. AASP now has some 500 members located in 48 states We do not yet have any members in Mississippi and South Dakota. If you know someone in either of those states, please encourage them to join AASP, or give them a gift membership for the holidays. Help us make AASP a truly national organization


AASP has members in every state with the exception of Mississippi and South Dakota


Elected Officials

Helene Keeley, a member of the Delaware House of Representatives (1996 - present), has become a member of AASP.

Helene, age 35, is single and a Democrat. She is a board mem-ber of Claymore Senior Center, Latin American Community Center, and Westside Health.

Changes in Status

! Lt. Gov. Ruth Ann Minner was elected by the voters of her state to be the next Governor of Delaware.

! Assemblywoman Sheila Kuehl was elected to the California State Senate.

!Having chosen not to run for re-election, Robert Goetsch will leave office in the Wisconsin Assembly on January 4th, 2001









Book Authors

Victoria Jaycox, author of Single Again: a Guide for Women Starting Over, has become a member of AASP.

Victoria has been an activist for over two decades on behalf of women’s issues, particularly the needs of older women.  Before becoming a full time writer in Washington, D.C., Victoria was the executive director of the national Older Women’s League.

Robyn Todd, co-author of "How to Survive Your Boyfriend’s Divorce," has joined AASP.

Robyn is a producer and casting director. She lives in New York City.

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