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Welcome to Our New
Honorary Members

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Rep. Nick Rahall
Member of Congress
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Rep. Ellen Tauscher
Member of Congress

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Rep. Maurice Hinchey
Member of Congress

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L. Joan Allen and
Marc Kusinitz, Ph.D.,
authors of
Celebrating Single and Getting Love Right

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Dianne Lorang
author of
Single Women --
Alive and Well

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Vol. 3, No. 3                                                                                                                 March - May 2002

Table of Contents

Page 1

Setting Priorities for AASP in 2002: Taxes, Job Benefits, Health Care

Six Fortune 500 Companies Receive Leadership Awards

Page 2

Together We Stand.  Vision into Reality.

by Candace Kavanagh
Development Director

Page 3

Being Single Has Advantages, Disadvantages When it Comes to Money

by Eileen Alt Powell
AP Business Writer

Page 4

Recipients of Singles Friendly Workplace Corporate Leadership Awards

Xerox, Cendant, Viacom, Fifth Third Bank, First Union, Kellogg Company

Page 5

Fairness in the Workplace is a Major Issue for Unmarried Employees:

Chicago Tribune Article
Tulsa World Article

Page 6

President Bush Signs District of Columbia Domestic Partner Benefits Bill

D.C. Bill is a Model of Inclusion

Page 7

AASP Assists California Members Seeking Equal Retirement Benefits

AASP Asks University to Give Retirement Benefits to Heterosexual Partners

Letter from AASP Members

Pages 8 - 9 (links below)

Advice and Resources: A New Service from AASP
Page 8

Samples of Articles, Books, and Resources Found in the New Advice and Resources Section of the Website
Page 9

Page 10

Single Minded Devotion: Unmarried Ranks Offer Ministry Opportunities

by John Kennedy
Pentacostal Evangel


Page 11

Mail Box:
Peeved by Workplace Bias
Not Lonely in Arkansas
Congressman Praises AASP
Likes Honorary Member List

New Book Author Members

Page 12

Continuation of Articles:

Singles Snubbed, from pg. 5

University Study, from pg. 5

Setting Priorities, from pg. 1

Page 13

Professor Bella DePaulo to Lead AASP's Board of Academic Advisors

Page 14

Television Sitcoms Focusing More on Single Dads


Page 15

Experience the Benefits of Creating or Participating in a Singles Social Club

by Niela Miller

Page 16

Roster of Elected Officials Joining AASP Keeps Growing

Arizona Congressman Commends AASP

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