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Posted on April 2, 2005


New Mexico Governor signs health care bill for unmarried young adults




Massachusetts Governor recognizes privacy rights of single people





Boss says marry or move




Posted on February 22, 2005



Women who avoid marital fights likely to die sooner








Single parenthood: the challenge of going it alone






Posted on February 12, 2005




A positive marital relationship is good for your health







President's 2006 budget includes $38 million increase for abstinence-only sex ed





More singles are meeting mates at work





Posted on January 26, 2005


[Shelby Campus]


Singles study focuses on dating of gay men, chronically ill, and older women





Virginia Supreme Court voids state's fornication law




Posted on January 10, 2005

Study on single black moms debunks stereotypes





Being a married woman can make you sick




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