August 5, 2005


Married workers in china pretending to be single

A story published today in the Star reports that a growing number of young married employees, especially women, are pretending to be single for fear that their married status will prove detrimental to their career, the Shanghai Morning Post reported yesterday.  

Zhou, a 29-year-old woman, has hidden her married status for several years. 

I decided to do so because many of my friends lost chances for promotion just because they were married, Zhou explained. 

I never wear my wedding ring at the office, nor do I put pictures of my husband and son in my wallet. I always associate with unmarried women at the office, she said, adding that marital status was a private matter, and that she did not consider that she had done anything wrong.  

Not only married women but also married men are pretending to be single.  

Yan, a 25-year-old male employee, said he had no choice but to hide the fact that he was married.  

As the sales job takes me to many dinner parties, I frequently return home late at night. When I discuss business with clients, they dont want anyone, especially a wife or girlfriend, to interrupt, Yan explained, adding that sometimes clients will not invite married men to their parties.  

On the other hand, employers have their own reasoning. If two female candidates have equivalent qualifications, and one is married but the other is not, I will definitely choose the single one, as married women display lower work efficiency when compared to single ones, said Zhang, a supervisor with a local company.