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July 01 - July 06, 2001


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This page contains news for the period July 01 through July 06, 2001.



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Thursday, July 5, 2001

Bill to legalize divorce in the Philippines gaining support

A story published today by the Sun Star reports that a controversial divorce bill filed by Philippine Senator Rodolfo Biazon is gaining the support from at least three of his colleagues.

Senators Juan Flavier, Miriam Defensor Santiago and John Osmeņa are amenable to the controversial measure that has long been a topic of heated debate in this predominantly Catholic country.

Biazon expressed belief that it is unreasonable to force two people to live together if the marriage is not working anymore.

"Let's give each person the opportunity to live a new life, a life that will help him or her regain a life that will help both of them realize that there is a rainbow after the storm. We must be realistic in facing the reality," said Biazon.

Senators who are not in favor of the divorce bill said its legalization may only lead to marital abuses.

Senators Franklin Drilon, Gregorio Honasan, Serge Osmeņa, Vicente Sotto, Francisco Tatad and Aquilino Pimentel have all vowed to block any measure legalizing the divorce bill.

Expressing the same view are other senators who believe that the said measure will only be used as a quick and easy road to separation, that will make children the innocent victims to suffer tremendous pain.

Sen. Pimentel said the family, which is the basic unit of society, will suffer the biggest blow once the bill is passed.

Sen. Honasan, in opposing the measure, said the integrity of marriage should be preserved because it is one of the country's remaining institutions for our strongest fundamental and political social unity.

He said senators are mandated to legislate a measure that will motivate married couples to protect their marriage and not to adopt measures that will severe their ties.

Sen. Drilon, also reiterated that the law already provides legal separation and annulment, a policy sufficient to be adopted by married couples.

Monday, July 2, 2001

Iran bans singles in amusement parks

A story released today by Online.ie news reports that single Iranians have been banned from going to amusement parks in an attempt to stop them flirting with one another.

A state newspaper claimed: "Youngsters are being banned from having fun".The paper also adds that police have arrested male teenagers for flirting with single girls in the parks.

Amusement parks in the capital, Tehran, are now open only to families.


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