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Domestic Partnership News Archive
June 07 - June 13, 2001




This page contains news for the period June 07, 2001 through June 13, 2001.




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Thursday, June 7, 2001

Finland's lawmakers postpone discussion of domestic partnership law

A story released today by the Nordic Business Report reports that the Finnish parliament has postponed until the autumn session the discussion of the partnership law that will allow couples of the same sex to register their partnership.

The preparation of the law in the legal committee of the parliament has taken longer than estimated, but the committee reportedly intends to finalize the preparation before the summer. The committee in their discussions has not yet been able to agree on whether same-sex couples should be given the right to have the same last name, or be allowed to adopt children.

California domestic partner bill approved by Assembly

A story published today by the Los Angeles Times reports that the California domestic partnership bill introduced by Assembly member Carole Migden sailed through the California Assembly with a vote of 43 to 29 .  The measure, AB 25, would extend to registered domestic partners basic legal protections that currently only married couples have under California law.

A measure signed into law two years ago by Governor Gray Davis created a statewide domestic partner registry for same-sex couples of any adult age. Opposite-sex couples may use the registry only if both parties are over the age of 62.   Davis insisted that heterosexual couples below the age of 62 not be allowed to register as domestic partners, thereby excluding the majority of domestic partners from the registry.

 Under  AB 25, registered domestic partners will be able to:

  relocate with a domestic partner without losing unemployment benefits
  use sick leave to care for a family member
  file disability benefits on behalf of an incapacitated partner
  provide partners with employer-based health coverage without additional taxation
  make medical decisions in the hospital or act as a conservator
  inherit property without a will or administer an estate
  seek damages for the loss of economic or social support due to wrongful death
  adopt a partner's child using the stepparent adoption process
  continue health coverage for surviving domestic partners of retired government workers

AB 25 would also slightly expand the class of persons eligible to register by allowing heterosexual couples to use the registry if just one of the parties is over 62 years old.

A number of supportive members spoke eloquently about the basic fairness of this bill, rejecting the argument that AB 25 undermines marriage or Proposition 22, the initiative that was passed in March 2000.

Governor Davis has declined to say whether he will sign the bill if it passes the state Senate.


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