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May 07 - May 13, 2000





This page contains news for the period Saturday, May 07, 2000 through Thursday, May 13, 2000.


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May 12, 2000

British schools to put divorce and 're-partnering' lessons in new curriculum

A story published today in the London Telegraph reports that children will be taught to cope with divorce, separation and "re-partnering" as part of a new curriculum.

Pupils as young as eight will learn about "21st century parenting", including single-parent families and same-sex partnerships as well as marriage. The guidelines stress the importance of "stable relationships" but say that marriage is only one model.  

The newspaper received an advance draft of the Government's parenthood education guidelines which states that children will be taught "the role of partnerships and marriage" and "separation, divorce and re-partnering". Tory MPs fear the guidance will reinforce the acceptability of divorce or single parenthood. 

In a section entitled "Twenty-first Century Parenting", the guidelines say "many people marry and become parents but there is now more variety about partnerships and family form". The guidelines, drawn up in consultation with expert bodies, will be taught alongside sex education classes, which stress the importance of marriage in relationships. 

 A senior Whitehall source said there were lengthy arguments within government about whether to put more emphasis on marriage. David Blunkett, the Education Secretary, is understood to have wanted greater emphasis on traditional households.  

The story says that other officials felt it would be "unrealistic" and "exclusionary" to insist that one model be emphasized. The source said: "We were worried that a lot of children would be made to feel second class if they come from single-parent homes or have unmarried parents." 

 The guidelines set out expectations for learning about parenthood through primary and secondary school. Twelve to 14-year-olds will "build on their understanding of different types of family and how their growing self-awareness can be used to deal positively with family changes".


May 8, 2000

KCET-TV publishes transcript of an interview with AASP executive director

Last month, Thomas F. Coleman, was interviewed in the Thinkers, Shakers, and Newsmakers segment of "Life & Times Tonight" a weeknightly news and public affairs program of KCET public television in Los Angeles.

The transcript of the interview is now available on Life and Times pages of the KCET website.  To read the interview, click here.


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