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October 01 - October 03, 1999


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This page contains news for the period Friday, October 01, 1999 through Sunday, October 03, 1999.





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Friday, October 1, 1999

More sex education can halt expected global population boom

According to an article published by the BBC today, the world faces an unprecedented boom in population unless reproductive education is freely available around the world, a nongovernmental organization, Population Concern, has warned.

The group also said that unmarried men in particular should take more responsibility and need access to contraceptives and health advice.

The organization said that action now could mean the difference between a world population of seven billion and one of 11 billion in the opening decades of the next century.

The article says that 1999 is the first time the human population of this planet has passed six billion. That is double what the world population was in 1969.

Population Concern said there are two billion people under the age of 20, and more young women aged 15 to 19 than ever before. That means the number of people in their reproductive years will continue to grow for several decades, along with the number of births.

The group called on governments and non-governmental bodies to take an "holistic approach".

Wendy Thomas, its chief executive, said: "Young men today comprise half of the largest generation in history to enter adulthood. Thomas said that millions of unmarried young men who are sexually active need access to information and services about reproductive health care including contraception.


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