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September 01 - September 05, 1999


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This page contains news for the period Wednesday, September 01, 1999 through Sunday, September 05, 1999.




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Friday, September 3, 1999

Belgium to Enact "Super-Inclusive" Domestic Partner Law

According to an article today in Planet Out, Belgium's Federal Coalition Government has agreed on a bill to create a Statutory Cohabitation Contract, which is should become effective on January 1. The contract will be available to any two adults who are not otherwise married or contracted, regardless of their gender or whether they are blood   related. The contract must be signed before a notary public and entered into the register of the town where the partners live.

The contract's main advantage will be access to the courts in event of a property dispute upon dissolution of the relationship; its main responsibility is joint liability for living expenses, proportionate to the means of each of the partners. Absent proof of individual title, all assets acquired during the term of the contractual relationship will be considered to be jointly owned. However, the new law also states that the couples are treated as separate individuals with respect to submitting income tax returns, rate of taxation, inheritance, parental status with respect to children, adoption, fertility services, social security and pension rights, and immigration.


Wednesday, September 1, 1999

Apology over 'slut' slur on athlete

According to a story that ran in the London Times on September 1, 1999, a Roman Catholic priest apologized yesterday for denouncing Sonia O'Sullivan, Ireland's top sportswoman, as a "common slut" after she recently became an unmarried mother.

O'Sullivan has been living with her unmarried partner for two or three years.

Worshippers at St Patrick's Church, along with O'Sullivan's friends and colleagues, said yesterday that they were outraged at the priest's condemnation of the 29-year-old athlete.


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