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To search the site for a key word, just use the function box which is found above.  You can do a search to match any or all of the words you type into the search line.

When the search is done, a list of pages on the site which contain that word or words will appear on your computer screen.  When you click on one or more of the links in the list, you will be taken to the relevant page.  However, if a page is located inside the member-only area of the site, you will be prompted for the user name and password before being taken to that page.  If you are not a member, just join AASP and you will be given a user name and password.

When you reach a page which contains the search word or words, you may need to perform an additional search to find the article on the page which contains the word or words you are looking for.  Many of our pages contain multiple articles.

In order to find the specific article or articles where the word appears, you will have to hit the control key and the letter f on your keyboard.   Another search box will appear.  Type in the word you are looking for and click on "Find Next".  You will then be taken to the first place on the page where that word appears.  By clicking  "Find Next" again, you will be taken to the next place on the page where the word appears.

If you later want to go back to the list of "hits" from the initial search you performed so that you can go to the next link to check that page, just click on your back button until you go back to the page where the list of retrieved pages is found.

Since our website now contains more than 1,000 pages, this search function has been added as a service for visitors and members. 

If you have any questions about the search feature, e-mail us at mail@unmarriedamerica.com.


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