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Soaring Solo: Soaring Solo: On the Joys (Yes, Joys!) of Being a Single Mother
by Wendy Keller
Publisher: Wildcat Canyon Press
(April 2001)

In this inspirational book, Wendy Keller shares the lessons she has learned about being a single mom. Soaring Solo contains touching, poignant and pragmatic stories on a wide range of subjects, from “Wishing for a Better Day” to “Dealing with Their Dad”; from “Cleaning the House” to “The Value of Dreams.” A perfect gift for single moms.

Loosely-Braided Fog: Loosely Braided Fog: A 3-D Single Mom in the Making
by Deirdre Weaver
Publisher: iPublisher
(March 2001)

No married woman plans to become a single mom but, like the fog, loosely braiding itself with the branches of an old, wizened tree, choices made are starting to look like a pattern.

This is not another survival guide or anthology. It is a raw and sometimes comical story of repeated mistakes, single-parenting moments and "re-entry dating" red flags, for three-dimensional single moms who are not the flat, storyboard models that the world imagines. And it is about more than just trading war stories. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "Learn from others' mistakes. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself." When we laugh, cry, and even learn from such a jarring story, we can see that we're not so alone.

Sing Your Own Song: Sing Your Own Song: A Guide for Single Mom
by Cynthia Orange
Publisher: Hazelden Press
(April 2001)

Cynthia Orange brings equal parts information and inspiration to this pragmatic yet soulful guide for single moms. Managing time and money, juggling the demands of work and child care, balancing personal needs with parenting responsibilities -- these are the everyday concerns Orange addresses with preach-free common sense and welcome candor.

The Unbroken Homes: Unbroken Homes: Single Parent Mothers Tell Their Stories
by Wendy A. Paterson
Publisher: Haworth Press; ISBN:0-789011395
(August 2000)

"Unbroken Homes does not deal with what is "typical" in the single-parenting experience, nor does it give advice or proselytize. Rather, its purpose is to discover the meaning that single-parent mothers bring to their own lives, helping you to understand the dynamics of single-parent families from a uniquely personal perspective."--BOOK JACKET.

The Courage to Be a Single Mother: The Courage to Be a Single Mother
by Sheila Ellison
Publisher: Harper San Francisco
(July 2000)

Addressing an unfortunately common situation, this unique book guides newly divorced mothers through the paralyzing doubt, guilt, fear, and anger to the practical rebuilding of their lives. Refreshingly real and honest, Sheila Ellison uses the journey through her own devastating divorce from a professional athlete, as well as stories told by dozens of others, to empower women struggling to combine the realities of divorce with the pressing demands of child-rearing. Though filled with practical, reassuring advice on single parenting in the modern world, this is much more than a book on coping -- it is an invaluable guide for women to discover the strength they never knew they had to nurture their children, resurrect their spirits, and ultimately create the life they want.

The Single Mother's Survival Guide Single Mother's Survival Guide
by Patrice Karats
Publisher: Crossing Press
(March 2000)

In this engaging journey of self-discovery, Patrice Karst, a single mother, shares her practical yet witty advice with single moms everywhere. She covers a wide range of topics that concern the modern woman struggling without a mate, showing how it's possible not only to survive but to triumph. The book features dozens of quick "survival checklists" on topics such as dealing with exhaustion and reasons to be happy about being a single mom. Karst's "Ten Commandments for Single Mothers" begins with "Thou shalt not be afraid to ask for help from anyone at any time (because the offers sure as hell won't come in by themselves)." The Single Mother's Survival Guide also includes wisdom and inspiration for the single mother, touching on goals and dreams, affirmations, and gratitude.

The Complete Single Mother: The Complete Single Mother
by Andrea Engber
Publisher: Adams Media
(February 2000)

Filled with expert information and pragmatic advice, this comprehensive and practical reference explains what over twelve million single mothers need to know to overcome the challenges of daily life. This book answers the questions you may have about single motherhood but were either too busy, too afraid, or didn't even think to ask -- questions concerning custody issues, managing your finances, dealing with an irresponsible ex, handling work pressures, collecting child support, and many, many more.

This book offers solutions for changing families, showing you how to help your children through divorce, build self-esteem, find male role models, and how to respond to tough questions like "Where's Daddy?"

And The Complete Single Mother doesn't forget your child's most important asset -- You! With creative thinking, planning, and The Complete Single Mother, you can not only raise happy, healthy, and productive children, you can retain your sanity -- and maybe even your sense of humor!

A Single Mother's Prayerbook A Single Mother's Prayerbook
by Ginder Farry
Publisher: Twenty-Third Publications
(January 2000)

No description available.

Single Mamahood: Single Mamahood: Advice and Wisdom for the African-American Single Mother
by Kelly Williams
Publisher: Carol Publishing Group
(April 1998)

Featuring real stories of single mamas, this down-to-earth, sister-to-sister guide teaches women that by realistically challenging the obstacles before them, they can raise children who are self-assured, happy, and healthy. The book includes suggestions on how to deal with work, school, child support, dating again, and more. 192 pp. 25,000 print.

Single Mother by Choice
by Jane Mattes
Publisher: Times Books

Single Mothers by Choice provides a thoughtful and experienced introduction to the issues of single parenting for women without (male) partners who are considering motherhood. In 1981, author Jane Mattes founded the national group Single Mothers by Choice (SMC) as an outgrowth of her personal decision process of becoming a mother. Today, SMC provides local groups and workshops, an interesting monthly newsletter and several online discussion lists. This experience, and Jane Mattes' background as both a psychotherapist and single mother, makes Single Mothers by Choice an excellent guide to the psychological issues of becoming a single mother.

Single Mom Single Mom
by Omar Tyree
Publisher: Scribner
(October 1999)

After more than ten years of raising her two sons alone, Denise Stewart finds herself again involved with both of her sons' fathers as well as in a relationship with a new man. Jimmie, the father of her older child, suddenly wants a major role in his son's life. After being on absent father for thirteen years, he discovers his teenager is a top basketball prospect. That's when Jimmie decides to make some time to spend with his son. Walter, the father of Denise's second son, is trying to gain custody of his twelve-year-old. After attending the Million Man March in Washington, Walter believes he should assume full responsibility for his son instead of just for two weekends out of each month. And truck driver Dennis is falling in love with Denise, and is fond of her boys. Although he is uncertain whether he wants the burden of a ready-made family, he also feels insecure in an intimate relationship with a white-collar woman who earns more than he does. All this as Denise runs her own thriving business, co-chairs a single mothers' organization with her best friend Camellia, and struggles to keep faith in her family. Suddenly, for this single mom, success takes on an all-new meaning in her increasingly complex life.


Going It Alone; Meeting the Challenges of Being a Single Mom
by Michele Howe
Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers
(September 1999)

When the reality of separation, divorce, or widowhood sinks in, encountering life as a single mom can be an overwhelming experience. Share in the stories of other single moms who have faced past hurts, dealt with present fears, and built a future of promise, while they contended with life's everyday pressures. Through the pages of this practical book, Michele Howe offers sensitive, compassionate advice for women who are confronting the challenge of being a single mom. Be encouraged; with God's help, hope and healing are not only possible, but promised.

NO IMAGE AVAILABLE Single Mother (fiction)
by Julie Ellis
Publisher: Severn House Publishers, Limited
(July 1999)

No description available.

On Our Own: On Our Own: Unmarried Motherhood in America
by Melissa Ludtke
Publisher: University of California Press
(March 1999)

The result of years of research as well as interviewing and questioning experts representing all sides of the issue, the book is nevertheless a deeply personal one, interweaving Ludtke's findings with her own decade-long debate over whether to raise a child on her own. Her accessible approach takes us behind the statistics, framing mothers' vividly told remembrances with current scholarly insights, but never losing sight of the private, everyday details of women's lives. Recognizing that unmarried mothers come from widely differing age groups and backgrounds, Ludtke focuses on the two extremes: teenagers and women over the age of thirty-five. While examining their contrasting circumstances, she locates surprising areas of common ground among these women who, regardless of age or income, have chosen to bypass marriage and raise children on their own, in spite of the struggle and the loneliness, in spite of society's harsh judgment.

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