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Unmarried America is a function of Spectrum Institute, a nonprofit corporation with federal tax-exempt status. Donations to Spectrum Institute are tax deductible as allowed by law.
Please make your check payable to: Spectrum Institute
There are several levels of patronage:

Basic Donation . . . . . .  $25 donation. 
Those who make a donation of $25 get a one-year pass to the online library which now contains more than 6,500 pages of information in a searchable data base. It also includes regular updates of recent U.S. and international news of interest to unmarried and single population.  College students with an e-mail address that ends in .edu can receive a one-year pass to the library for a $10 donation.

Silver Donation . . . . $50 donation. 
Those who donate $50 get a one-year library pass, plus they receive a key chain light with logo.

Gold Donation . . . . . . . . . . .  $100 donation.  In addition to the same benefits as Silver Donors, Gold Donors also may select a free book from a list of recently published books for solo singles, unmarried couples, single parents, people who are divorced or widowed, as well as scented candle from Essence of the Angels.

Platinum Donation . . . . . .  $250 donation.  In addition to the same benefits as Benefactors, Platinum Donors
also may choose to have their name listed on the contents page of the Library for one year and (unless they do not wish public recognition) will be thanked for their support during a segment of Radio One.

Corporate Sponsor . . . . . .  $500 donation.  In addition to the same benefits as Platinum Donors, businesses which donate $500 will be listed on the "What's New" page of the website for six months, with a link to your website, and will be thanked each week for six months on Radio One.

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