The following people are honorary members of the American Association for Single People

Elected officials and community leaders

The elected officials and community leaders listed below have sent us a written confirmation of their acceptance of an honorary members in AASP.  They were offered this position in recognition of their numerous contributions to the field of American politics.  Each of them has given us permission to use his or her name in publicity.

These individuals are from many regions of the nation, belong to a variety of political parties, represent many age cohorts, and include a wide range of religious denominations.  The diversity of our honorary members demonstrates that AASP and its programs are attractive to a very wide audience in America.


Neil G. Giuliano

Single, Republican, Mayor of the City of Temp, Arizona (1994-present)

Steve May
Single, Republican, business owner, formerly a state legislator

Christine Weason
Single, Democrat, has a private law practice, formerly a state legislator


Richard Butler
Single, Republican, currently a trust officer with a local bank, attorney, active in local party politics, Christian


Gloria Allred
Divorced, Democrat, civil rights attorney specializing in sex discrimination, Jewish

Rodolfo Alvarez
Divorced, Democrat, president of Westood Democratic Club (1977 - present), sociology professor at UCLA

Joseph J. Bell
Single, no party affiliation given, Nevada County Judge Pro Tem, vice-president of California State Bar Board of Governors (1996-97)

Christopher Carrington, Ph.D.
Lecturer in Sociology Department at San Francisco State University, author of "No Place Like Home: Relationships and Family Life Among Lesbians and Gay Men

Stan Charnofsky, Ph.D.
Divorced, professor in the Department of Education, Psychology and Counseling, California State University at Northridge

Lesley Devine
Single, Democrat, founder of City of Calabassas, member of Calabassas City Council (1991 - present)

Joel M. Fisher
Divorced, Republican, currently director of special projects at Hollywood Palace, former author and law professor, Episcopal

Eric Garcetti, Ph.D.
Domestic partner, Democrat, professor in the Diplomacy and World Affairs Department at Occidental College in Los Angeles, former Rhodes Scholar, candidate for Los Angeles City Council

Art Goldberg
Single, criminal defense attorney, candidate for the Los Angeles City Council (2001)

Barry Gordon
Married, Democrat, former president of Screen Actors Guild, former candidate for Congress, former candidate for state Assembly

Janice Hahn
Single, mother of three children, Democrat, candidate for Congress (1998), current candidate for Los Angeles City Council, regional manager for Edison International

James K. Hahn

Married, Democrat, currently serving as Los Angeles Mayor, formerly was City Attorney for City of Los Angeles

Jim Hahn
Married, Democrat, city attorney of Los Angeles, mayoral candidate in 2001 race

Ken Hillman
Married, Republican, Lieutenant in the Los Angeles Police Department and member of board of directors of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, candidate for Los Angeles City Council, Protestant

Sheila Kuehl
Lesbian, Democrat, California state senator, former actress

Addie Mae Miller
 Independent, community activist and candidate for mayor of the City of Los Angeles in 2001

Cindy Miscikowski
Married, member of the Los Angeles City Council

Ramona Ripston
Married, Democrat, currently executive director of ACLU of Southern California

Steven L. Soboroff
Married with five children, Republican, senior advisor to the Mayor of Los Angeles, chairman of Big Brothers of Greater Los Angeles, candidate for Los Angeles mayor in 2001 election, Jewish

Ellen Tauscher

Divorced, single parent, United States Representative since 1996, Catholic

Conrado Terrazas
Unmarried, Democrat, candidate for the 13th District seat on the Los Angeles City Council, formerly a staff member to Councilwoman Jackie Goldberg who is leaving the city council seat for her newly elected position as a member of the California State Assembly

Joel Wachs
Gay, Independent, Los Angeles councilman, mayoral candidate in 2001, Jewish

Scott Wildman
Democrat, former California legislator, candidate for the 13th District seat on the Los Angeles City Council


Antoinette Bosco
Syndicated columnist with the National Catholic News Service and a freelance writer with over 200 magazine articles, thousands of newspaper stories and seven books to her credit.  In 1979, she wrote a book entitled "A Parent Alone" which arose out of her experience as a single parent raising six children whom she financially supported alone

Ramona A. Cortese
Single, Republican, currently welfare director of West Haven, CT, former justice of the peace, active in party politics

Marie Lopes Kirkley-Bey
Widowed, Democrat, Assistant Majority Leader of state House of Representatives, vice-president of Gray Lodge Shelter for Women, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Emma Lincoln
Single, Republican, member of the Connecticut State Republican Central Committee, former Justice of the Peace, president of Business and Professional Women's Club (1990 - present), Christian Scientist


Helene Keeley
 Single, Democrat, member of the State House of Representatives (1996 - present), board member of Claymore Senior Center, Latin American Community Center, and Westside Health, Roman Catholic

Ruth Ann Minner
Widow, Democrat, currently the Governor of Delaware, committeewoman in the Democratic National Committee (1988 - present)

George R. Quillen
Single, Republican, state legislator (1982 - present), city councilman in Harrington, DE (1981 - present), Episcopal

John Rago
Single, talk-show host at WDEL Radio (1150 AM) in Wilmington.

G. Thomas Sandbach
Single, Republican, formerly assistant general counsel to state Republican Party, attorney with criminal justice technology consulting practice, Catholic, political activist


Rand Hoch
Single, Democrat, currently chairman of the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council, very active in party politics, Jewish

Dominick J. Salfi
Divorced, Republican, private law practice, former circuit court judge (1970-1986), Catholic

Helen Spivey
Widowed, Democrat, former Crystal City councilwoman (1985-1989), former member of state House of Representatives (1994-1996)

Tracy Stafford
Single, Democrat, formerly a state legislator (1990 - 2000), Protestant


Winfred J. Dukes

Single, Democrat, state legislator (1996-present), Baptist

Sharon B. Teague
Married (after 18 years a widow), Democrat, state legislator (1992 - present), machinist, Baptist


Richard McCloskey
Single, Democrat, Idaho State Central Democratic Committee, Roman Catholic


Vilma Colom

Chicago Alderman & Committeeman, 35th Ward

Erik Graff
Divorced, Socialist, currently editor of Ares Publications (publisher of Ancient World)

Susan J. Haase
Divorced, Republican, currently clerk of Wheatland Township, and member of Illinois State Republican Central Committee

Charles Lee Hatfield
Single, Republican, currently executive director of Citizens for Senior Advocacy, member Sangamon County Republican Central Committee, Methodist

Howard Kenner
Single, Democrat, member of Illinois House of Representatives (1995 - present), certified public accountant


Rose Ann Antich
Widowed, Democrat, state senator (1990 - present), Catholic

Virginia Marie Baker
Widowed, Democrat, Tipton County Assessor (1987 - 1995), Catholic

Josephine Brooks
Divorced, Democrat, Indiana State Democratic Party committee member (1986 - present), member of NAACP, Protestant


Donna Flower

Secretary Fayette County, Republican Committee

John Hagelin
Divorced, nominee of the Natural Law Party for President of the United States in 1992, 1996, and 2000, chairman of Department of Physics, Maharishi International University (1984 - present)


Rocky Nichols

Single, Democrat, State Legislator (1992-present)


Lawrence Tenopir

Single, member of National Democratic Committee, Catholic


Gwen Welshimer

Widowed, Democrat, State Legislator (1990-present), Methodist




Marie L. Rader
Widow, Republican, member of the state House of Representatives (1997 - present), Baptist


G. Melvin Abbott.
Single, Republican, commissioner of Christian Elementary Football League (1978 - present), Baptist

Peggy Lewis Gerac

Divorced, New Iberia Louisiana City Council Member, Catholic


Edwin Murray

Single, Democrat, member of House of Representatives, Baptist


Stavros J. Mendros
Single, Republican, member of the state House of Representatives (1999 - present), computer consultant, Greek Orthodox


Bob Auerbach
Divorced, Socialist, chairman of National Socialist Party (1986 - present), Green Party National Committee

Arlene Baybutt
Widowed, Republican, president of Talbot County Rep. Women (1979-1998), president of Maryland Federation of Rep. Women (1981-1984), Episcopal

Diane DeCarlo
Widowed, Democrat, state legislator (1995 - present), Maryland State Troopers Association

Sheila E. Hixson
Divorced, Democrat, state legislator (1976 - present), Governor's Council on Child Abuse and Neglect (1986 - 1999), Lutheran

Salima Siler Marriot

Single, Democrat, member of House of Delegates (1990-present), African Methodist Episcopal


Shirley Nathan-Pulliam

Divorced, Democrat, Member of House of Delegates (1995-present), Episcopal


Nancy J. Caffyn
Divorced, Republican, former state legislator (1999 - 2000), Upper Cape Business & Professional Women, Lutheran

Marjorie A. Davis
Widowed, Republican, officer with the Boston Metro Area Planning Council, city council member in Wenham, MA (1982 - 1989), Episcopal


Albert D. McCallum
Retired, married, Libertarian, candidate for Michigan House of Representatives (63rd District), writer

Thomas E. Klunzinger
Single, Republican, treasurer of Meridian Township, member
Ingham County Republican Committee (1978 to present), Protestant

Vera B. Rison
Divorced, Democrat, state legislator (1996 - present), member 9th Congressional Democratic Black Caucus (1968 - present), Baptist


Mary Murphy

Single, Democrat, State Legislator (1976-present), Democratic Farm Labor, Catholic


Bonnie Martinez
Divorced, Republican, member of state House of Representatives (1995-1996), Pentecostal

Bruce Measure
Single, Democrat, Municipal Court judge pro-tem, former state legislator (1990-1992), chairman of a local homeless shelter and transitional living facility


Eric J. Will
Divorced, Democrat, former state Senator, Catholic

New Hampshire:

Julie Brown
Widowed, Republican, currently a state legislator, chairwoman of Strafford County Community Action Program, Protestant

Jeffrey M. Brown
Single, Republican, currently a lobbyist for professional firefighters of NH, former constable, Catholic

John R. Cloutier
Single, Democrat, currently a state legislator, Catholic

Steve Vaillancourt

Single, Libertarian, State Representative (1996-present)

Thomas A. Varrell
Divorced, Republican, currently a state legislator, Protestant

New York:

Tom Duane
Single, Democrat, NY state senator, founder of Chelsea Gay Association

Maurice Hinchey

Married, Democrat, U.S. Representative, Member of Congress

George D. Maziarz
Single, Republican, currently a NY state senator, Catholic

Deroy Murdock
Single, registered Republican and practicing libertarian, adjunct fellow of Atlas Research Foundation, cofounder of Third Millennium, syndicated columnist

Eric T. Schneiderman
Single, Democrat, currently a NY state senator, private law practice

Ada L. Smith
Single, Democrat, currently a NY state senator, Minority Whip, received leadership award from National Women’s Political Caucus

North Carolina:

Almetta Armstrong
Single, Democrat, member of Montgomery County Board of Education, president of Montgomery County Democratic Caucus (1977-present), Baptist

John D. Hall
Single, Democrat, currently a state representative, former Halifax County Commissioner (1992 - 1999), General Manager of WYAL radio (1974 - present), Baptist

North Dakota:

Dale C. Severson

Single, Republican, State Representative (1999-present)


Rhine McLin

Single, Democrat, Mayor (2002-2006), Protestant

Robert K. Wilson
Divorced, Republican, currently the chair of the development committee of local hospital, former state party treasurer, Episcopal


Carl Hosticka
Single, Democrat, legislator (1983-1995), university professor, former peace corps volunteer

Richard L. Pastega
Single, Democrat, director of Basin Transit Services District, Klamath County Dem Central Committee (1976 - present)


Frank DiCicco
Divorced, Democrat, member of the Philadelphia City Council, Roman Catholic

Harold James
Single, Democrat, member of the state House of Representatives (1989 - present), co
-founder of the National Black Police Association, Baptist

Earl F. Patterson
 Single, Republican, city controller of Reading, PA from 1963-67, city councilman 70-73, active in party politics

W. Curtis Thomas
Single, Democrat, currently a state legislator in House of Representatives, Baptist

Rhode Island:

John J. "Jack" Lancelotta
Single, Democrat, investigator with Rhode Island Attorney General's Office, member of National Democratic Congressional Campaign, Catholic

South Carolina:

Ronald Fulmer
 Republican, state legislator (1990-1996), owner of public relations firm, lobbyist, Lutheran


Helen Guerard Brown
Divorced, Democrat, owner of day care center, State Democratic Executive Committee (1970-1982), Methodist

Victor Ellis
Divorced, Democrat, former state legislator, currently the city manager for Lakewood, TN, Church of Christ

Nellie McNeil
Divorced, Republican, columnist for the Kingsport Times, Episcopal

Gwen Smith
Single, Democrat, currently the secretary to the Memphis City Council, officer in local Democratic party, Baptist

Joe Towns Jr.

Single, Democrat, State Representative (1994-present), Christian

Robert Watson
Single, Independent, former member of state Republican Executive Committee


Dolores M. Lott
Widowed, Democrat, formerly San Antonio city councilwoman, Baptist, delegate to Democratic state convention

Inez Mueller
Widowed, Democrat, delegate to Democratic Party State Convention from 1958 to 1978, Methodist

Olga Soliz
Widowed, Republican, active for many years in Hispanic politics, Catholic


Philip Kent Bimstein
Single, mayor of Springdale, Utah (1995-2001)


J. Randall Niquette
Single, Democrat, former state legislator (1975-1982), currently an investigator in the defender General’s Office, also a realtor, Catholic


Kathleen D. Koch
Divorced, Republican, associate counsel to President of the United States (1987 - 1988)

JoAnn Spevacek
Divorced, Democrat, Fairfax County Democratic Committee


Donn Charney
Widowed, Democrat, currently a college professor, former state legislator (1971 - 1985)

West Virginia:

Sarah Lee Neal
Widowed, Democrat, former state legislator (1972 - 1978), director of Rainelle Library Commission (1973 - present), United Methodist

Nick Rahall

Divorced, Democrat, member of House of Representatives since 1976, Presbyterian

John Sanders
Single, Democrat, chairman of Mineral County Democratic Executive Committee (1986-present), Presbyterian


Robert G. Goetsch
Widowed, Republican, former Wisconsin State Assemblyman (1982 - 2000), farmer, Protestant

Doug La Follette

Single, Democrat, State Secretary (1970-present)

Annette Polly Williams
Divorced, Democrat, state Assemblywoman (1980 - present), author of nation's first parental school choice legislation, Protestant


Carrol P. Orrison
Single, Democrat, former member of the state House of Representatives , delegate to four Democrat National Conventions


Henny Backus
Author of "Care for the Caretaker," and widow of veteran actor Jim Backus
("Mr. Magoo," "Gilligan's Island" and "Rebel Without a Cause"), resident of California

Shelley Berman
Married for 52 years, now in his seventies, stand-up comedian (from Ed Sullivan to Carnegie Hall to Harrah's in Las Vegas) and actor (Divorce American Style, The Young at Heart Comedians),
teaches a course in Humor Writing to graduate students at UCLA, resident of California

Edd Byrnes
One of the first teen idols on TV-- Starring in 77 Sunset Strip. (1958-1963) He played Gerald Lloyd Kookson III ( "Kookie"), the cool, hip talking, parking lot attendant. He turned up his collar and had a quirk of combing his hair back when talking sometimes, which teens picked up on right away. He recorded "Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb." Best early, major movie role: Lieutenant Arnold Bittman in Darby's Rangers (1958).  Resident of Beverly Hills, California.

Jo Ann Castle
Ragtime piano player who starred for many years on the Lawrence Welk Show.   Resident of Branson, Missouri.

Authors of Recently Published Books for  Unmarried Adults, Couples, and Families

The individuals listed below sent us a written confirmation of their desire to become honorary members of AASP.  They were offered this position in recognition of their efforts to improve the lives of unmarried Americans by virtue of their publishing a book for or about one or more classes of single people. They have granted us permission to use their name in publicity.

Donna Albrecht
Author of "Buying a Home When You Are Single" and resident of California

L. Joan Allen

Author of "Celebrating Single & Getting Love Right: From  Stalemate to Soul mate"

Xavier Amador, Ph.D.
Co-author of "Being Single in a Couple's World: How to be Happily Single While Looking for Love", professor at Columbia University, and resident of New York City

Carole M. Anderson, Ph.D.
Co-author of "Flying Solo: single women in midlife," and resident of Pennsylvania

Carole Baldock
author of "How to Succeed as a Single Parent," and resident of England

Marjorie Barton
Author of "Living Single in a Double World" and resident of Oklahoma

Jennifer Bawden
Author of "Get a Life then Get a Man," and resident of New York

Dawn Bradley Berry
Author of "The Divorce Recovery Sourcebook" and resident of New Mexico

George B. Blake
Author of "Single Again: Dating and Meeting New Friends the Second Time Around," and resident of Florida

Joan Busick
Author of "Surviving Beyond Happily Ever After" and resident of California

Christopher Carrington, Ph.D.
Author of
"No Place Like Home: Relationships and Family Life Among Lesbians and Gay Men"

Dr. Lillian Carson
Author of "The Essential Grandparents Guide to Divorce" and resident of California

Herbert Chilstrom

Co-author of "Sexual Fulfillment for Single and Married, Straight and Gay, Young and Old"


J. Michael Clark, PhD

Author of "Doing the Work of Love: Men & Commitment in Same-Sex Couples"


Dennis Clifford

Author of "A Legal Guide for Lesbian & Gay Couples:

Brad Coates, Esq.
Author of "Divorce with Decency" and resident of Hawaii

Ted Crawford
Author of "Making Intimate Connections: 7 Guidelines for Greater Relationships and Better Communications, and resident of Arizona

David Demo
Co-author of "Handbook of Family Diversity" and resident of North Carolina

Albert Ellis
Co-author of "Making Intimate Connections: 7 Guidelines for Greater Relationships and Better Communications" and resident of New York

Sheila Ellison
Author of "The Courage to be a Single Mother" and resident of Poltola Valley, California

Andrea A. Engber
Editor of "The Complete Single Mother," and resident of North Carolina

Lowell O. Erdahl

Co-author of "Sexual Fulfillment for Single and Married, Straight and Gay, Young and Old"

Debra Farrington
Author of "One Like Jesus," and a resident of Pennsylvania

Mark Victor Hansen
Co-editor of "Chicken Soup for the Single's Soul," and a resident of California

Fred Hertz, Esq.

Author of "A Legal Guide for Lesbian and Gay Couples"

Tama Janowitz
Author of "A Certain Age" and resident of New York City

Victoria Jaycox
Author of "Single Again: A Guide for Women Starting Over," and resident of Washington, D.C.

Wendy Keller
Author of
"Soaring Solo: The Joys of Being a Single Mother" and resident of

Patrice Karst

Author of "The Single Mother's Survival Guide"

Judith E. Kiersky, Ph.D.
Co-author of "Being Single in a Couple's World: How to be Happily Single While Looking for Love" and resident of New York City

Mark Kusinitz, PhD

Co-author of "Celebrating Single & Getting Love Right: From Stalemate to Soul mate"

Erma Jean Lawson, Ph.D.
Co-author of "Black Men and Divorce" and resident of Texas

Dr. Karen Gail Lewis
Author of "With or Without a Man: Single Women Taking Control of Their Lives," and resident of Maryland

Jeanne Warren Lindsay
Author of "Do I have a Daddy?" and resident of California

Diane Lorang

Author of "Single Women- Alive and Well"

Louis J. Moretti, Ph.D. M.D.
Co-author of "It's Okay to Be Single" and resident of Illinois

Jane Nelsen
Co-author of "Positive Discipline for Single Parents" and resident of Utah

Allen M. Parkman

Author of "Good Intentions Gone Awry: No-Fault Divorce and the American Family"

Wendy Paterson
Author of "Unbroken Homes," and resident of New York

Vera Peiffer
Author of "Positively Single: The Art of Being Single and Happy" and resident of England

Angela Seward
Author of "Goodnight, Daddy," and resident of Virginia

Jaqueline Simenaur

Co-author of "The Single Woman's Travel Guide"


Bobby Solo

Author of "Are You Gonna be in There all Night: 50 Great Reasons to Love Living Alone"


Simone Spence

Author of "Deadbeats, What Responsible Parents Need to Know About Collecting Child Support"

Stephanie Staal
Author of "The Love They Lost: Living with the Legacy of Our Parents' Divorce," and resident of New York

Marc St. Camille
Co-author of "It's Okay to Be Single" and resident of Illinois

Pamela Stone
Author of
"A Woman's Guide to Living Alone: 10 Ways to Survive Grief and Be Happy" and resident of Texas

Robyn Todd
Co-author of "How to Survive Your Boyfriend's Divorce," and resident of New York

Lee Varon
Author of "Adopting on Your Own," and resident of Massachusetts

Doris Walfied

Co-author of "The Single Woman's Travel Guide"

Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil
Author of "Make Up, Don't Break Up: Finding and Keeping Love for Singles and Couples," and resident of New York

Merle Yost
Author of "When Love Lasts Forever: Male Couples Celebrate Commitment" and resident of California

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