20 Danger Signs
which parents should notice


If you are considering placing your child in a residential facility which is operated by a private business, consider the following danger signs which may indicate that the facility poses a potential risk to your child.

1.  Minors are not allowed unrestricted and unmonitored communication with their parents or other family members.

2.  The program is not licensed and regulated by the state.

3.   The entry contract requires parents to delegate parental rights to the business operating the residential program.

4.   When children are allowed to call their parents, their phone calls are monitored or censored.

5.  The contract signed by the parents stipulates that the facility will not be sued if the child is injured in the program.

6.  Residents who reach upper levels of the program are allowed to discipline lower-level children in the program.

7.  Program rules stipulate that children and parents will not discuss or disclose what goes on in the facility.

8.  Parents must attend and successfully complete seminars before they are allowed to visit their child.

9.  Part of the contract signed by the parents stipulates that the facility may use force against the child if necessary, including the use of restraints.

10.   The facility is located outside the United States and thus the child is not protected by American laws prohibiting child abuse and neglect.

11.  Parents are encouraged to hire a special "escort" service to abduct and transport their child to the facility, or if parents do transport their own child, they are not allowed to remain with the child during the intake process at the facility.

12.  Children are not allowed to talk to other residents in the facility without the permission and presence of staff.

13.   Children are sometimes held in isolation rooms for extended periods of time.

14.   The facility's philosophy is "parents are our clients, children are our products."

15.   The facility does not have licensed therapists on staff.

16.   The facility is not licensed by the state in which it is located to issue diplomas as an accredited educational institution.

17.   The educational process does not involve classroom lectures and discussions facilitated by credentialed teachers, but rather is entirely a matter of independent study.

18.  Residents have no privacy while using the restroom, dressing, and bathing.

19.   There is no licensed medical personnel on staff at the facility.

20.  Parents are pressured by a sales representative to immediately send their child to a specific program rather than being encouraged to take the necessary time to shop around for other programs.



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