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Sound Bite


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Business Week Magazine is the largest business news publication in the world.  We are pleased that Business Week has recognized the importance of unmarried and single Americans as workers, consumers, taxpayers, and voters.

I provided background information for this story -- demographics, legal and political analysis, and specific examples of unfair treatment. 

Unmarried America, the title of this story, also happens to be the name of our membership division, our website, and our newsletter.  That title aptly describes a growing population which will be a new majority in the new millennium.

Corporate executives, elected officials, and the 2004 presidential candidates, should read this story and learn more about the concerns of the 86 million unmarried Americans who work hard, pay taxes, and deserve to be treated more fairly by society.

Please share this story with your friends, as well as your employer, mayor, governor, and other officials who represent you in your state legislature and in Congress.  They will be enlightened by what they read.

                     Thomas F. Coleman
                     Executive Director
                     American Association for Single People