We're Building a Team for Unmarried America

               We are building a team for Unmarried America -- a group of people who believe that
               the promise of equality applies to everyone regardless of marital status.

               Unmarried America is the membership division of Spectrum Institute (also known as the

               American Association for Single People), a federal tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit and 

               nonpartisan national organization.

Individual members

A few years ago, we started with a small number of founding members in a few states. Today we have members in every part of the nation. Individual donors are the core of our organization.


Elected officials

Only a few political leaders supported Unmarried America when we started in 1999. Today, our members include federal, state, and local officials from coast to coast.   Elected officials who have joined Unmarried America include members of Congress, state legislators, mayors, and city council members.


Book authors

In recent years there has been a flood of books published for and about unmarried and single people on a wide variety of topics. Many authors of these books have joined Unmarried America to lend support to our cause.



Before the organization was launched a few years ago, the story of Unmarried America was not being told. We have reached out to journalists and producers with facts, issues, and real life examples. Today the media is telling our stories and in the process are educating the public and policy makers alike.


Nonprofit groups

We are building alliances with civic and membership groups. National volunteer organizations, such as Connect America and Points of Light Foundation, have welcomed Unmarried America as a community partner. Let us know about nonprofit groups in your area with which we might develop a relationship.


College Interns

Although not enough young adults are voting these days, there is no shortage of enthusiastic volunteers for worthy causes. The influx of students doing unpaid internships with our organization demonstrates that young people do identify with our mission.