Unmarried Individuals

About 27 million Americans live alone. While families are important to society and to the nation, so are individuals who work hard, pay taxes, vote, and contribute to their communities.


Unmarried Couples

About 12 million adults live with an unmarried partner. Government and businesses should not treat domestic

partners as legal strangers. These families deserve legal protections and equitable economic benefits.


Unmarried Relatives

Millions of other unmarried adults live with relatives in households without minor children. "Family friendly" policies, whether implemented in the workplace or by government agencies, should not ignore or exclude these unmarried adult family relationships.


Unmarried Workers

All workers deserve "equal pay for equal work" regardless of marital status or family status. Equal benefits compensation should apply to workers who live with a relative, a partner, or live alone.


Unmarried Consumers

Insurance companies, landlords, and other businesses should be fair to all customers. Consumers should not be penalized on account of their marital status.


Unmarried Taxpayers

Unmarried workers pay a disproportionate share of income and social security taxes, but receive fewer benefits than married people. Estate taxes exempt a surviving spouse but can take 50 percent of the estate

of an unmarried person. Tax codes should be marital status neutral.


Unmarried Voters

Political parties and candidates usually reach out to married couples and to parents with minor children but ignore solo singles, domestic partners, and unmarried families without children. Party platforms and campaign should include unmarried Americans. We are 35 percent of voters nationally.