Unmarried America is an information service focusing on the needs and concerns of America's 89 million unmarried workers, consumers, taxpayers, and voters -- whether they live alone, with a roommate, or with family members.  We provide the most comprehensive source of reliable information about unmarried and single Americans to be found anywhere on the Internet.  Our mission is fulfilled through our educational activities, which include:

News service -- reporting on news, current events, opinions, essays, and commentaries affecting this large and growing population. 

Online library -- providing a searchable database of more than 6,500 pages of economic, political, legal, social, and demographic information about marital status, singles' rights, family diversity, and domestic partner benefits. 

Research service -- responding to specific questions from individuals, reporters, producers, students, professors, human resource managers, marketing professionals, attorneys, and government officials.

Unmarried America is a function of Spectrum Institute, a nonprofit corporation with federal tax-exempt status.