Sam Orias

Associate Director

 of Public Relations


Fozi Abdurhman  

Network and Technical       Administrator       


Sampaguita "Sam" Orias assists the Executive Director with external communications, including the media, elected officials, corporate executives, and other nonprofit organizations.  She is a student at Pasadena City College.  Sam is single and lives in West Toluca Lake.




Fozi Abdurhman maintains and improves our computer network, services our technical equipment, provides technical support and training to the staff, and manages AASP's websites.  He is a student at California State University in Los Angeles, working toward a degree in Computer Science. Fozi is single and lives in Glendale.



Michael A. Vasquez

Production Services



Wayne Salvador  

Research and Editorial


Michael provides administrative support and production services for the staff and board of directors of AASP. He performed these services as a volunteer for AASP for several years when the corporation was formerly known as Spectrum Institute. Michael lives with a domestic partner in Los Angeles.

Wayne Salvador does legal research for AASP. He also updates several sections of the website, including Recent News, Domestic Partnership News, and Legislation to Watch. He is a student at Glendale University College of Law. Wayne has a three-year-old son.  He and his family live in Los Angeles.



Suzanna Mirzoian

Associate Webmaster


Suzanna helps to manage and develop the AASP website as well as the website of National Unmarried and Single Americans Week.  She attends Glendale Community College.  Suzanna is single and lives in Glendale.