The Scientific Study of People Who Are Single:
An Annotated Bibliography

Bella M. DePaulo
Chair, Academic Advisory Board of the Spectrum Institute
Research and Policy Division of the
American Association for Single People (AASP)

January 2, 2004


12. Beyond Psychology

Self-Help and Humor

One place where singles clearly have not been overlooked is in the self-help industry. Many titles seem to suggest that singles–especially single women–have a condition they need help in curing; or, the authors try to reassure singles that it really is possible to be single and happy. The titles listed here are just a small sampling of the self-help and humor books for singles.

Albrecht, D. G. (2001). Buying a home when you’re single. NY: John Wiley.

Amador, X. & Kiersky, J. (1998). Being single in a couples’ world: How to be happily single while looking for love. NY: The Free Press.

Anders, D., Clement, N., Conti, C., & Trent, L. (1999). Single and content: Experiencing singleness in a paired-off world. Nashville, TN: Word Publishing.

Bakos, S. C. (1985). This wasn’t supposed to happen: Single women over 30 talk frankly about their lives. NY: Continuum.

Barkas, J. L. (1980). Single in America. NY: Atheneum.

Baruch, G., Barnett, R., & Rivers, C. (1983), Lifeprints: New patterns of love and work for today’s women. NY: New American Library. (Chapter 9. Divorce: Coming apart, getting it together. Chapter 11. By myself.)

Bequaert, L.H. (1976). Single women, alone and together. Boston, MA: Beacon Press.

Broder, M. (1988). The art of living single. NY: Avon Books.

Buckvar, F. (1997, January 12). Magazine advises singles. The New York Times, p. 21.

Canfield, J., Hansen, M. V., Hawthorne, J. R., & Shimoff, M. (1999). Chicken soup for the single’s soul: Stories of love and inspiration for the single, divorced and widowed. Deerfield Beach, FL: Health Communications.

Edwards, M., & Hoover, E. (1974). The challenge of being single. NY: Hawthorn Books.

Fielding, H. (1998). Bridget Jones’s diary. NY: Viking. (Humor)

Fracchia, C.A. (1979). How to be single creatively. NY: McGraw-Hill.

Fracchia, C. A. (1985). Spirituality for single individuals. Studies in Formative Spirituality, 6, 359-367.

Heloise. (1993). Household hints for singles. NY: Perigee.

Koons, C.A. & Anthony, M.J. (1995). Single adult passages: Unchartered territories. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books.

Lewis, K. G. (2001). With or without a man: Single women taking control of their lives. Palo Alto, CA: Bull Publishing.

Lombard, J. (1996). How to stay single forever. NY: Warner Books. (Humor)

McAleese, T. (1993). Money power for singles. Hawthorne, NJ: The Career Press.

O’Brien, P. (1973). The woman alone. NY: Quadrangle / The New York Times Book Company.

Page, S. (1990). If I’m so wonderful, why am I still single? NY: Bantam Books.

Parker, R. S. (1978). Living single successfully: How to be your own person–with or without a partner. NY: Franklin Watts.

Payne, D. (1969). Women without men: Creative living for singles, divorcees, and widows. Philadelphia, PA: Pilgrim Press.

Peterson, N. L. (1982). The ever-single woman: Life without marriage. NY: Quill. (Published in hardcover as Our lives for ourselves: Women who have never married.)

Philipson, I. (2002). Married to the job: Why we live to work and what we can do about it. NY: The Free Press.

Rand, R. (1995). Playing the tuba at midnight: The joys and challenges of singleness. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press. (Humor)

Reilly, L. (1996). Women living single: Thirty women share their stories of navigating through a married world. Boston, MA: Faber and Faber.

Robinson, R. (1991). When women choose to be single. North Hollywood, CA: Newcastle Publishing.

Salmansohn, K. (2000). Even God is single (so stop giving me a hard time). NY: Workman. (Humor)

Seskin, J. (1985). Alone--not lonely: Independent living for women over fifty. Glenville, IL: Scott, Foresman and Company.

Shahan, L. (1981). Living alone and loving it: A complete guide to living on your own. NY: Stratford Press.

Simenauer, J., & Russell, M. (1997). Single’s guide to cruise vacations. Rocklin, CA: Prima Publishing.

Sims, C. (1999). Loving me: A sisterfriend’s guide to being single and happy. NY: Owl.

Smith, B.T., & Goecke Burns, L. (1997). Single women vs. married women: A politically incorrect comparison. Chatsworth, CA: CCC Publications. (Humor)

Thompson, C.E. (1990). Single solutions: An essential guide for the single career woman. Boston, MA: Branden Publishing Company.

Wolfe, L. (1993). Women who may never marry: The reasons, realities and opportunities. Atlanta, GA: Longstreet Press.

Zobel, A. (1992). The joy of being single. NY: Workman. (Humor)


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