The Scientific Study of People Who Are Single:
An Annotated Bibliography

Bella M. DePaulo
Chair, Academic Advisory Board
of Spectrum Institute

January 2, 2004



Introduction to Bibliography

Sections of Bibliography

  • 1.  Singles and Subtypes of Singles

About Singles (Generally)

Single Women

Single Men

Sex Differences

Divorced Singles

Widowed Singles

Cohabiting Singles

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transsexual Singles

Singles in Midlife

Singles in Old Age

  • 2. Marriage and family
  • Marriage


  • 3. Parents, Children, and Adults Who Are Not Parents
  • Single Parents and Their Children

    Adults Without Children

    Implications of Having Children

  • 4. Life Course Issues
  • Transitioning to Adulthood and Delaying Marriage

    The Life Cycle and the Social Clock

  • 5. Stigma, Ideology, and Identity
  • Discrimination, Prejudice, and Stereotyping


    Identity and Identity Politics

  • 6. Intimacy, Love, Sexuality, and Celibacy
  • 7. Weddings and Other Rituals
  • 8. Health, Happiness, Loneliness, and Solitude
  • Health and Happiness

    Loneliness and Solitude

  • 9. Social Networks and Patterns of Interaction
  • 10. Caregiving, Volunteering, and Issues of Individualism and Community
  • 11. Relationships
  • Human Needs and Good and Meaningful Lives

    Friends and Siblings

    Social Support

    Relationship Topics

  • 12. Beyond Psychology
  • Demographics

    Economic Issues

    Historical and Cross-Cultural Perspectives

    Policy Issues

    Singles in Fiction, Film, and Television

    Self-Help and Humor