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"Profile of General Demographic Characteristics for the United States: 2000"


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A new report was released from the Census Bureau on May 15, 2001.  "Profile of General Demographic Characteristics for the United States: 2000" contains the first national data from the 2000 Census on the various types of households in the United States.

AASP has studied many of the annual surveys (Current Population Surveys or CPS) conducted by the Census Bureau each year of 50,000 households in the nation. We have examined the data from this newly released 2000 Census Report and have compared it with CPS data for previous years in the 1990s and for some years in previous decades.  We are pleased to share this data, showing trends in various areas related to married and unmarried households.  Links to our data tables are found below.

The Profile of General Demographic Characteristics contains complete data from the 2000 Census about the total number and percent of married and unmarried households in general, married-couple households (with and without children), and one-person households.  However, the statistics in this report are incomplete with respect to single- parent households.  Information is provided on single-mother households, but not on single parent homes in general or on single-father households.  Data on unmarried-couple households also is not contained in this report.

More detailed information about marital status and living arrangements was released by the Census Bureau on June 29, 2000 in a report entitled, "America's Families and Living Arrangements: March 2000."  That report highlights characteristics of single-parent families, shows differences in the living arrangements of younger and older adults, and presents new data on unmarried-couple households.  For more information about that report, click here.

Household Trends:

Solo Singles

Married vs. Unmarried

Family Diversity


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